Keikoku Hanami
渓谷 花見 Keikoku Hanami
SeasonHeartcatch Returns! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorYellow (Hanami)

Yellow/Blue (Lily)

Hair ColorDark Green
Home PlaceKibougahana
RelativesKeikoku Yumi (mother)

Keikou Itsuki (father)

First AppearanceHRPC01
Alter EgoCure Lily
Theme ColorBlue
Japanese Voice ActorTakayama Minami
Keikoku Hanami is one of the characters in Heartcatch Returns! Pretty Cure. She lives in a cake store with her mother and father. She wishes to be an older sister but knows it will never happen.

Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Lily (キュア リリー Kyua Rirī).



In her nromal form, Hanami has dark green hair that comes up to her chin, with red heart clip on the left side of her head. Hanami's casual wear consists of a black knee length dress with green sleeves across the front with white polka dots with pink straps for shoulders, and pink strap shoes.


Hanami is a cheerful, sporty girl who gets quite good grades from studying. Hanami can get angry quite easily with people and is known for her temper tantrum that sometimes leads to bashing up people she hates. She will do anything to protect Futaba from bullies and gets a lot of detentions. Her detentions go down by a lot after she becomes Cure Lily. Later on in the series, Hanami finds out she is was an enemy of Pretty Cure known as Dark Cure and after she was defeated by Cure Moonlight, she was reborn as a baby girl named Keikoku Hanami.

Cure LilyEdit




  • She the second cure to own a cake store.
    • She is the seventh cure to own a restaurant.