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Keisuke Minami
Kanji 南圭介
Age 16 Years Old
Gender Male
Race Human
Audio Effigy
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Silver
Personal Status
Occupation Musician

Keisuke Minami (南圭介, Minami Keisuke) is the true protagonist of EVOLUTION: ~Entering The New World~ an original anime series written and published by ElectroDevil17. Like all members of EVO, he was infected with the malignant virus called the sonic euphoria, which transformed him into an audio effigy hybrid, a process which corrupted his NoiZe and granted him immense superhuman powers. Due to the extended progression of his own strain of sonic euphoria as well as the sheer mental and emotional pressure he endures throughout the course of the series, he becomes somewhat of an antagonistic presence, rivaling against his lifelong friend, brother and fellow EVO band member, Shuichiro Takaki.






Powers & Abilities[]

Like all members of his band, Keisuke's nanomachines were infected by the mysterious corrupted NoiZe virus that was sent throughout Neo Tokyo in episode one of EVO, transforming him into an audio effigy hybrid, with a virus that is slowly eating away at his humanity and endangering his life. The virus caused him to be able to generate and manipulate NoiZe to an extent that overshadows any member of the human race aside from his fellow band members, and he is expected to fight the audio effigy monsters to protect humanity with his powers.

Physical Abilities[]

Being infected by the sonic euphoria virus resulted in keisuke's nanomachines being supercharged with extremely supernatural power, drastically altering and changing the way his body behaves, empowering his flesh and bone to become an extremely superhuman entity. He is awarded a great deal of massively superhuman powers, which continue to grow stronger and improve as he battles against audio effigy monsters throughout the series, rapidly progressing his own virus and stripping his humanity away as he continues to grow stronger.

NoiZe Manipulation[]

Like all those linked with the catharsis system, Keisuke is capable of translating his emotions to the unique source of supernatural audio energy known as NoiZe. He possesses incredible talent in the art of generating and manipulating NoiZe, even before he was infected by sonic euphoria. As his powers grow, Keisuke's NoiZe, alongside the other members of his band, grows and progresses so that he becomes one of the most powerful and mighty beings on planet earth, to the point he can dominate author audio monsters.



AWAKEN (目覚めます, Mezamemasu) a form which no other character in the EVO series is capable of reaching. By the time Keisuke reaches this form simply entitled "AWAKEN", he has become the full on antagonist of the series. He is only able to access the power by completely forsaking his humanity and sacrificing himself to the will of kami-sama, which in his insanity, he believes to be the true MeMe-Chan, merging himself with her. In this form he obtains dvine power, transformed into an abominable godlike entity driven by nothing but madness and despair, supposedly having "Omnipotent NoiZe" which allows him to trigger his ultimate track which he has conveniently named "Evolution", a song written by keisuke and meme-chan, which can only be performed when they have been united, obtaining such power that he can dominate and beat down shuichiro in their final battle, and the only thing that managed to stop him is the will of the true MeMe-Chan, who purifies his NoiZe and seemingly erases him from the physical world in the process before he can destroy it.