Kimiko Tomoda
友田公子 'Tomoda Kimiko'
18 (Sea Girls)
Eye ColorLight Pink
Hair ColorDirty Blonde
Home PlaceKimiko's House
RelativesMary Tompson (mother)
Kanata Tomoda (father)
Japanese Voice ActorMarina Inoue

Kimie Tomoda is the third main character of Mermaid Chronicles. She was human but became a mermaid. The truth is, Kimiko is actually the Princess of the Southern Sea and the ring the Ancient Ring she found reacted to her because of this. To live a peaceful life, her parents transformed her into a human.

The power in the ring awakened her powers to heal people using water and use a strong form of telekinesis (creating shields out of telekinesis and powerful blasts of telekinesis). She can also use water in a special way (creating creatures like water dragon, three-headed snake, water bird... that are able to act on their own). After that revelation, she felt that she finally had a role in the group with Nila being a Chosen One and Sirena being a Clairvoyant mermaid.


Kimiko comes from a wealthy family, her father is the director of his own bank and her mother has her own cosmetic brand, she lives in a big luxurious house. Her parents moved because they wanted to be far away from the town and wanted to live in a sunny place surrounded by the sea. Kimiko is very clumsy and has difficulty in making friends because of her extreme shyness but she met Nila and Sirena during her first day at school in Episode 01. They made her visit her new school and the three quickly formed a friendly bond. She considers herself to be cursed because of her klutziness, everything scares her and she fells everytime.

Kimiko was doing a tour in her parents' electric boat and went to Aqua Lapis, but she lost herself and was getting no signal with her phone. Night was coming and she found an entrance leading to the main center of the island and found the moon pool. She touched the water and walked but because of the water, it was slippery, she slipped and fell into the moon pool. The moon arise and reflected on the water. Next morning, after she washed her hands, she sprouted a pink colored mermaid tail. She is now in the care of our two mermaids Nila and Sirena, she learns how to control her powers and to prove that she is worthy having her own Moon Necklace.

She sometimes act as a guide to the girls to introduce them to human things. After gaining more control of her powers and has proven that she's worthy having her powers, her klutziness started to fade away as she gained more self-confidence. Kimiko doesn't have a special power unlike her two bestfriends altough something bothers the Mermaid Council: even if she's half-mermaid, she gained a true mermaid's powers: invisibility, telekinesis and atmokinesis. She also gained the ability to manipulate mermaid objects and even gained one: the Sea Star which have powerful powers. Kimiko is happy to be recognized as a mermaid by the Mermaid Council and is happy to have friends who understands her and have common points with her.


Kimiko is very shy and quiet, she is very very clumsy, she thinks that she's cursed because anything scares her and she slips and fall at any time. Her klutziness have let her fall into the moon pool.

She's warm-hearted and kind and is always ready to help despite her fear of spoiling everything because of her clumsy behavior. After she proved to be worth being a mermaid, her klutziness fade away and self-confidence overwhelmed her. She's know more sure of what she does and is more careful.


Kimiko is medium sized, she has a light tanned fair-skin, she has light pink eyes which goes with her dirty blonde wavy hair. Her hair reaches her waist. She usually wears pink and white colored clothes and dresses in a mature way.

In her mermaid form, her tail is pale pink/light pink colored and her top is bright pink. She also has a pink streak on her hair. After a few moments, when she transforms, she has her Moon Necklace with her.

Becoming a MermaidEdit

Kimiko decided to make a tour of the local fauna using her father's electric boat, she visited and found the Aqua Lapis, she visited the island and found the moon pool. She saw the moon pool and touched the water, the moon came up and reflected on the water, Kimiko slipped and fell into it. Next morning she washed her hands and was about to dry them but she transformed before she had the time to do it.

That day, weird things happened around her: faucets oppened when she wanted to drink and when Emilia started to made her angry, water (and anything which contains water) around her boiled. Nila and Sirena teaches her and how to control her powers because her powers are very volatile. The Mermaid Council doubts that Kimiko is worthy of being a mermaid, but when Emila attacked the trio and the other mermaids, Kimiko used her powers to free the mermaids and combined her powers with Nila and Sirena, creating a storm. They lured Emilia to the Moon Pool and Nila used the potion, she fell onto the pool and they surrounded her with the potion and the eclipse came. That night, Emilia lost her powers forever.

Because of her bravery, she received her Moon Necklace along with her streak and her true mermaid powers (atmokinesis, invisibility, telekinesis). She is happy to be recognized a mermaid by the council. She also learns by herself to control the Sea Star (which she wears as a brooch) and focuses a lot on doing potions and controlling her objects' powers.


  • Kimiko's Diary - A diary where Kimiko wrotes everything about her new life as a mermaid, it is useful because of the information she wrotes about the mermaid objects.
  • Sea Star - A pink starfish shaped object with a big rainbow gem in the middle. She can cast spells and can do magic using this. She wears it as a brooch.


  • Basic Mermaid Powers - She can speak and breathe underwater, she can swim at 600 km/h and she can adapt to aquatic life, she can also speak to marine creatures.
  • Hydrokinesis - She can manipulate water, she can do water sculptures or shape it into a little ball.
  • Hydro-Thermokinesis - She can boil water and anything which contains water. This power also helps her to dry herself when she's wet.
  • Pyrokinesis - She can manipulate fire, as demonstrated in episode 10, she can also create fire balls, she also created fire trails or can even start a fire on water. She sets things on fire when she sneezes.
  • Electrokinesis - Kimiko can conjures lightning from the sky or can cause explosions of electronic devices, she can also set things on fire using lightning.
  • Invisibility - She can turn invisible underwater or not. It allowed her to spy on Emilia when she was talking about her plans.
  • Telekinesis - She can move things with her mind.
  • Atmokinesis - She can control weather, from conjuring huge storms and typhoons, her weather powers allows her to protect herself as shown when she created a wall of raindrops so Emilia can pass trough it or she will transform.
  • Gelidkinesis - She can transform water into jelly, she tought this power of being useless but when she was in danger she imprisoned her opponent in a cage of jellyfied water.


  • Favorite Foods: Burgers, grilled fish, curry bread, crepes, vanilla ice cream, melon pan, taco rice.
  • Favorite Drinks: Strawberry smoothie, hot chocolate (with whipped cream).
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • She is extremely afraid of the full moon.
  • Despite the fact that she didn't swum well, she already swum with dolphins
    • Like Cleo, she couldn't and hated swimming.
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