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Koi Enji (艶事 コイ Enji Koi) is one of the main characters in Lovely Romance Pretty Cure!


Koi has dark red hair that she keeps up in two low ponytails. Her eyes are red.

As Cure Romantic, her hair becomes a lighter red and it goes up into two high ponytails and grows longer. Her outfit consists of a dark red heart brooch with a light red chest bow. She wears heart earrings and a dark red chocker. The top half of her dress has two frills as the sleeves, red first then white last, with a white shirt underneath the bow with a red belt that has a dark red heart clip and the Pretty Commune hanging of the right side. Her skirt is layered with two frills, top frill red and the bottom frill white with dark red bikes pants underneath. Her boots are knee length and look a bit like Cure Beauty's but red wear the light blue is and dark red where the dark blue is.




Hikari Enji is Koi's mom and is a jewellery designer.

Naomi Enji is Koi's older sister, who is a 1st year college student who wants to be mandolinist cause she's good at playing at it. She gives advice to Koi when she needs it. She cares for her family very much. She has perfect pitch.

Nagisa Enji is Koi's dad and is a prominent violinist and a genius at it. He has perfect pitch.

Lucia, Amu and Hikaruare Koi's younger fraternal triplet siblings.

Cure Romantic

"Lovely Relationships, Cure Romantic!"
"素敵な関係は、キュア ロマンチック!"
"Sutekina kankei wa, Kyua Romanchikku!"

Cure Romantic (キュア ロマンチック Kyua Romanchikku) is Koi's Pretty Cure alter ego. She represents the power of Romance.


Koi first places her transformation Cure Saint Light onto Romeo's silver heart medallion object and shouts "Pretty Cure Lovely Light!" She then spells "L-O-V-E-L-Y" on her Pretty Commune and the transformation begins. First, her hair colour changes and grows into two ponytails, with her heart shaped earrings and hair accessories already there as her hair then turns to a lighter red. Her arm warmers then appear followed by her dress and her Pretty Commune attaches itself to it. Next are her shoes and finally her heart brooch and chest ribbon appear and Cure Romantic poses saying her introduction speech.


  • Romantic Shower is Koi's normal attack.