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Laws of Toy Fantasy (おも法おもちゃのファーンタ則) is the 7th episode of DangareepoI.

Laws of Toy Fantasy
Japanese title おもちゃのファンタジーの法則

Omocha no fantajī no hōsoku

Episode Information
Episode no. 7
Directed by Prettyyandere690
Writers Prettyyandere690
Airdate November, 2018
Languages Japanese


Studio Tomoe animation
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Plot Edit

Hana and the other students activate their wristbands which teleports them into a palace filled with toys.

Trivia Edit

This episode is a parody of other adventure-comedy anime.

  • The law of Ueki
  • Bobobobobo
  • Zatch Bell
  • Pokemon
  • Yakitate Japan
  • World war blue

One of the student's outfits of the characters they play resembles mishmashes of characters from other anime.

  • Starlight's glasses/color scheme of her dress resembles AI Mori from the law of Ueki and gasser from bobobobo.
  • Hana Shi's gold/blue colors especially on her compression shorts, zatch bell.
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