Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure
(Rettsu Miraaju! Purikyua)
DirectorCure Believe
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original Run-
Opening SongEveryone Bloom! Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure!
Ending Song-

NOTE: This is a remake to the original!

Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure is an original series by Cure Believe. This is a remake to the original, but the theme remains as "mirage".




Arata Saite (咲いて 新た Saite Arata) is the main Cure in this season. She loves to play sports and is also on the school's soccer team, but she is not very fond of school, unlike her parents. She loves sports so much she doesn't want to talk anything about it. Her alter ego is Cure Blossom Mirage (キュアブロッサムミラージュ Kyua Burossamu Miraaju) and her theme color is scarlet.

Kodai Kasseina (活性な 誇大 Kasseina Kodai) is Arata's best friend. She is a very active person in shopping, and would usually beg her mother to take her every day and complained when she didn't, but she relies on Arata to change her ways. Her alter ego is Cure Marine Mirage (キュアマリンミラージュ Kyua Marin Miraaju) and her theme color is navy blue.

Warabe Rinji (臨時 童 Rinji Warabe) is a transfer student attending Arata and Kodai's class. She is very shy and usually was left alone without any participation. Arata cheered her up but when she became a Pretty Cure, she became more talkative than before. Her alter ego is Cure Sunshine Mirage (キュアサンシャインミラージュ Kyua Sanshain Miraaju) and her theme color is yellow.

Kirari Tsuki (月 キラリ Tsuki Kirari) is a gentle high school student who is always helping. A little like Warabe, she is not very talkative and usually does things on her own, but Arata is always there to help her. In return, she is helpful to other students in the school. Her alter ego is Cure Moonlight Mirage (キュアムーンライトミラージュ Kyua Muunraito Miraaju) and her theme color is silver.