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List of Locations that will appear in Curious Play ~New World~



The northernmost country in the world of Shijintenchisho, and the largest. Guarded by the beast god Genbu, and its capital city is Touran. It has a population of approximately one million people, most of whom are nomadic herders, as seen by the huge population of livestock they raise. Comparatively speaking, it covers an area three times larger than the southern country of Konan. The terrain varies greatly, with mountains in central and northern Hokkan, sweeping plains to the south, lush forests to the south-east, and barren deserts to the West, but the earth is rich with natural resources. The climate makes all these areas a harsh place to live. Winters, with the temperature plummeting to -40°C, violent winds, and long nights makes for a brutal and harsh season. Summers are hot and dry, but brief. The refreshing life that comes with Spring and Summer is a cause for celebration, and hard work to prepare for another winter.

Spring is a time of beauty and precedes the usually abundant summer. Although large trees are sparse in most parts of the country exotic plants and flowers bloom on the steppes and in the valleys. Many of the plants have poisonous or medicinal properties, and healers with a thorough knowledge of the uses of these plants are valuable. The animals in the country are very diverse; wolves, bears and snow leopards frequent the mountains, boars and deer the forest, and camels and wild horses on the steppes and desert. Hokkans lakes and rivers are also filled with multiple species of fish. Domesticated animals include horses, sheep, cows, camels, goats and yaks.


The eastern country within Shijintenchisho. Haruhi will travel this area. A century ago, it was rivaled with Hokkan as the former wanting the land, but later a treaty was signed to resolve the conflict. In Akane's time, their rival will be Konan


The southern country that is located in Shijintenchisho. It is also the country that Akane will traveled to. Protected by the Phoenix, Suzaku, it is a it is a very green country. It has a tropical climate. The only known seasons are spring and summer, and there is no winter; instead there are stormy and rainy seasons all throughout the year. It is also a very prosperous country. It has generally happy and lively people, and just like a plume's colors, Konan has everything from royalty to poverty to slave-traders and mountain gangs.


The western country that is located in Shijintenchisho, and it is composed largely of desert and ruins, just like a war-torn country. The climate is extremely hot because of the desert. It was once stated that a person can only go out in the night or else "the sun will toast" him. As they are guarded by the beast God Byakko, they are also associated with strength and challenge and they represents soldiers fighting in a war for their country's sake stands for the blooming season.

Outside World

The real world. The world outside of Book. The world where Akane, Takeru, and Haruhi come from.