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Lovely Heart (ラブリー ハート Raburī Hāto) is the main attack that Cure Pure uses in Noble Pretty Cure. In Episode 31, it is replaced with a new attack called, Golden Butterfly Panic, which needs the Noble Scepter for it to be used.


Cure Pure makes a heart with her fingers and says the first part of the incantation, which makes the heart grow bigger and hover in front of her face-up palm. As she is putting her palm on the heart, she says the rest of the incantation, and pushes hard on the heart, sending it flying towards the enemy, trapping them inside, which purifies them.



Cure Pure: 愛のすばらしい働き登場!
Cure Pure: プリキュア ラブリー ハート!


Cure Pure: Ai no subarashī hataraki tōjō!
Cure Pure: Purikyua Raburī Hāto!

Literal Translation

Cure Pure: Appear, great heart of love!
Cure Pure: Pretty Cure Lovely Heart!


  • Lovely Heart is one of the attacks in the Pretty Cure franchise that doesn't have the Cure that uses the attack name in it.
  • Lovely Heart appears once after Episode 31, which was Episode 47.