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Lovely Romance Pretty Cure! (ラブリーロマンスプリキュア!Raburī Romansu Purikyua!)is CureKanade's second Pretty Cure fanseries on this wiki.

Lovely Romance Pretty Cure!
(Raburī Romansu Purikyua!)
Director CureKanade
Studio Toei Animation
Network TV Asahi
Original Run July 6 2014 - June 28, 2015
Episodes 49 episodes
Predecessor Flying Pretty Cure!
Successor 5 Starlights Pretty Cure★
Opening Song Difficult Love (Episode 1 - 23)

Kibou ni Tsuite (Episode 24 - 49)

Ending Song Egao Happī Pīsu

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Lovely Romance Pretty Cure! Episodes
The Cures are to find and protect Queen Mina's long lost daughter who she sent as a baby and her husband to Earth to protect them from the independent danger she foresaw. And find all the Saint Light of Love that she scattered to stop Jealously getting their hands on them.


Pretty Cure

Aira Junan (受難 アイラ Junan Aira) is a shy, friendly girl who is not really good with boys. Her best friend is Koi who has been her childhood friend since grade one. Her alter ego is Cure Love (キュア ラブ Kyua Rabu) and her theme colour is pink.

Koi Enji (艶事 コイ Enji Koi) is a smart, cheerful girl who is best friends with Aira. She may be smart, but she is not very good at History. Her alter ego is Cure Romantic (キュア ロマンチック Kyua Romanchikku) and her theme colour is red.

Phoenix Heart (フェニックス ハート Fenikkusu Hāto) is a new cure who appears in episode 24. Phoenix Heart's civilian form is Teiko Kudo, Queen Mina's daughter.


Juliet (ジュリエット Jurietto) is Aira's Mascot partner. She is in love with Romeo and loves to watch Romeo & Juliet everyday. She ends her sentences with "-etto".

Romeo (ロメオ Romeo) is Koi's mascot partner. He loves puzzles and sport and watches Romeo and Juliet with Juliet all the time. He ends his sentences with "-meo".

Desire (デザイア Dezaia) is Phoenix Heart's mascot partner. She loves singing and dancing. She ends her sentences with "-zaia".


Shitto- The monster of the day. Can be summoned with a heart broken pendant.

Kirai- The first commander to appear.

Shitsuren- The second commander to appear.

Reikokuna-The third villain to attack

Gaito-The fourth villain to attack.

King Shitto- The leader of Jealousy.


Queen Mina- She is a generous and doting woman who cares about her people and kingdom. She went to earth once to see what's it like and met a man. They fell in love and showed him her secret which he accepted completely. After they married and had a baby, she saw danger in the future. She was afraid that the human she loved was not safe with her in her home, so she sent him back here, to the Earth. She had him take the baby, and hasn't seen them since.

Teiko Endo- She never knew her mother as she was a baby when she left home. Ever since she was young she had visions of Adoration Kingdom. She is a girl who is a skilled matchmaker which earn her the nickname Love Angel. She is also a romance freak. She is in the home economic club.

Satoshi Endo- Teiko's father. He is an artist. He is caring towards Teiko but will be strict when needed. He seems to be hiding a secret from Teiko, especially about her mother.


Saint Box- A ball-shape box where you store the Saint Light of Love. It only opens to the Cures voice.

Heart Box- Gives the group their weapons to perform their upgrade attack.

Saint Light of Love- a group of powerful artefacts that were sent to Miracle Land (Earth) to stop Jealously getting their hands on them. The collection of them:

  • Saint Light of Love Respect - a pink tiara with a pink topaz in shape of a heart on top.
  • Saint Light of Love Trust - a pendant of red ruby seashell.
  • Saint Light of Love Communication - a red rosé brooch.
  • Saint Light of Love Tolerance - a apple charm on a golden bracelet.
  • Saint Light of Love Patience - a pair of white dove earring
  • Saint Light of Love Acceptance - a headpiece


Hakkō Ai- A shrine that honours an old love legend and hold a video that of the ghosts reunite with each other. They hold the rings of the lovers. The rings were at the shrine in a unbreakable glass case. The rings are called Love For Eternity. The two rings which one originally belonged to Sakura and the other one to Daiki. Sakura gave Daiki's ring to him on there first date and vice versa.

Shitto Headquarters- It's a black skyscraper from another dimension that is black.

Adoration Kingdom -


Love Beam- Cure Love's first attack.

Romantic Shower- Cure Romantic's first attack.

Love Heart Clap- Cure Love and Cure Romantic's group attack. They clap together at the same time which makes a dark red heart came out of their hands and come at the Shitto.

Pretty Cure Eternal Love Bloom- Cures group attack and powers, Teiko own royal powers, Saint Love Something Four powers, everyone's love and Queen Mina powers combined together: A big red rose bud came out and it blooms which shoot out a storm of hearts and rose petals made of energy of the Pretty Cures theme colours to shoot at the King Shitto, destroying him forever.



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