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Gender: Female

Age: thousands (Physically 23)

Relatives: her parents

Class: Flame Haze

Title: Mystical Magician

Contracted to: Angela

Contractor's True Name: Queen of Magic Nature

Contractor Divine Vessel: Lemuria (a light pink amulet)

Affiliation/s: Flame Haze Army

Color of Flame: baby pink

Status: Active

Her parents existence were consumed by a Crimson Denizen so that is how she became a Flame Haze.

She is a good friend of Irma. She is a Unrestricted Spell Master.


She has porcelain skin, orange eyes and long and curly red and green stripe hair. She wears a black short-sleeve shirt, green jacket, yellow pants, red socks and pink shoes.


She is level-headed, straightforward and calm.


When Xanadu was created she went to live there.

Powers & Abilities

Treasure Tools

Dreamy Watery Aqua Flute - when playing it that uses water based powers.


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