Magical Ghost Kokoa
(Mahō no Yūrei Kokoa)
Original RunDecember 2016
Opening SongStrange Thoughts
Ending SongGhost Story
Magical Ghost Kokoa (魔法の幽霊ココア Mahō no Yūrei Kokoa?) is a magical girl anime created by CureHibiki.


Death is inescapable. That's what my father told me when my mother passed away. But it is actually escapable. My name is Nanase Kokoa and this is my story of how I "died" but came back to become...a magical girl of ghosts.



Nanase Kokoa (七瀬ココア Nanase Kokoa?)
Kokoa is known be energetic and always putting others before herself. This led to her death, where her friend, Kisaragi Shigure, was about to be killed by a strange alien but Kokoa scarified herself instead to save Shigure. She was however allowed a second chance at life to fight against the "aliens" who can transform into someone who fights for the dead. She gets surprised very easily and hates when things don't go her way. When reborn, she has three forms - her normal human form, her magical girl form and her ghost form, or her "dead body" form as she likes to call it. 


En (エン En?)
An underworld spirit who took an interest in Kokoa long before she "died".


Lilia (リリア Riria?)
An ancient demon who is said to have tried to destroy the world before just like how she is with her Phantoms.

Phantoms (ファントムズ Fantomuzu?)
Phantoms are alien like creatures which have a strong urge to devour the human race within Misaka. Depending on the Phantoms, there are multiple ways for it to kill humans or to be killed by Nanase Kokoa.


Kisaragi Shigure (如月しぐれ Kisaragi Shigure?)
Shigure is the friend of Kokoa who dislikes anything to do with death.



Misaka (御坂 Misaka?)
A city in Japan that the series is centred within. This town has a history that is unknown to its residents and is what makes all the monsters appear in this town.






  • Strange Thoughts/Ghost Story Single: The OP&ED single that will be released in January, 2017. It is rumoured to also include a bonus track of a duet between Kokoa and Shigure.


Character Song AlbumsEdit


  • Magical Ghost Kokoa is a concept that CureHibiki thought of when a user inspired her on this thread.
  • Accroding to the authors of both series,Magical Ghost Kokoa will have a crossover OVA with Fight! Kotori-Tank!
  • Despite airing in December, 2016, the OP&ED single and character song album has already been revealed.
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