"The Magical Girl of the Fairies! And The Birth of a Witch!" is the first episode of Mystical Legend.

Mystical Legend episode 1 "The Magical Girl of the Fairies! And The Birth of a Witch!"
Japanese title "妖精の魔法少女!そして魔女の誕生!"
Episode Information
Episode no. 1
Directed by CureSailorMoon1617
Writers CureSailorMoon1617
Airdate October 1, 2014
Languages Japanese
Duration 23 minutes
Studio Sunrise
Distributor Sunrise
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A New School! The First Day of Middle School!


Many years ago, mystical and magical creatures lived on Earth and friends with humans. But then hunters showed up and started hunting down mystical and magical creatures. The mystical and magical creatures were forced to flee to a new planet and make it their new home. Very few stayed on earth and most on land were turned into humans for protection from the hunters. They all fell in love and got married to normal humans, causing a chance of great power to show up in future generations.

A young 30 year old women with dirty blonde hair and pink eyes steps out of an airport in Tokyo. She is wearing a light pink dress with a dark pink belt, hot pink coat, and pink ballet flats. She says, "I have finally made it to Japan, now my mission can begun".

The women enters an elemtery school classroom and says, "Hi students, My name is Professor Starlight, I am your substitute teacher for the last day of school".  One student puts up their hand and says, "Sensei, it is Mahou-san's 13th birthday today". Sensei says, "Happy Birthday Mahou-san". Mahou says, "Thank You Sensei". Mahou is wearing a blue sun dress with green ribbons and silver flats.

After recess, Sensei teaches the class about Math when she suddenly gets a sense that something is wrong but looks around to see that nothing is wrong. Mahou looks out the window at the sun and suddenly starts to feel sick. She asks Sensei if she can leave the class oom to go see the school nurse, Sensei says, "Yes you can but be back soon Mahou-san". Mahou says, "Yes Sensei, I will".

As she walks down the hallway, her head starts feeling really hot and her whole body starts heating up like crazy. She runs up to the roof thinking that some fresh air might help her feel better. She suddenly faints on the roof and collapses.

After school, sensei gets a weird feeling and suddenly gets extremely worried about Mahou. She runs all over the school looking for Mahou untill she reaches the roof and sees that Mahou has collapased. She trys her best to wake up Mahou.  

She suddenly gets a weird feeling and looks behind her to see two tall men dressed in black. They say to her, "Miss step away from the girl or risk getting hurt". She says, "Sorry, but I can not let you have this girl at any cost". Man 1 says, "Why?"  She then tells them, "I will show you why!"

She takes out pink diamond and platinum pendant in the shape of a heart with moon and star emblems. She holds it out and says, "Diamond Star Magical Transformation". She is then transformed into one of the most beautiful beings you could ever have seen.

She is now wearing a carnation pink sleeveless mini dress that has light pink lace around the tops and bottoms of the dress and french pink ribbon around the waist with a cerise pink back and chest bows. She is also wearing shocking pink knee high boots and shoulder length gloves. She is wearing a deep pink light ribbon aroung her neck, pink diamond earrings, rings, tiara, and the pendant around her neck on a chain. Her hair has turned hot pink and become super long, reaching the ground in length. Her eyes have turned deep pink and she now appears to be only 18 years old.

She then introduces herself, "The Great Magical Girl of Fairies and the Heart! Fairy Magic!" The guys then says, "So you are a Fairy Magical Girl, will we are the witch hunters Evil and Mean". Fairy then says, "So Mahou-San is a witch magical girl". 

She then takes a pink diamond and turns it into monter to keep the two hunters busy. She takes a gold circular penant with a magenta saphire A on a gold chain around Mahou's neck. She then uses her powers to turn Mahou into her magical girl form.

She is now wearing a hot magenta mini dress with long sleeves and a shocking pink belt. She is also wearing a hot magenta witches hat with a sky magenta heart and hot magenta flats with knee length plum colored socks. She also has has rose quarts earrings, anklet, and gold pendant around her neck. She super long magenta colored hair in two pigtails and orchid colored eyes.

She suddenly wakes up and says, "Oh hi Sensei. Wait a minute, what are you wearing? Huh! What am I wearing?" Fairy then says,"No time, just introduce your self and use your magic to help me". She then says, "Magic! What are you talking about".  

Fairies monter spell then runs out of time and hunters are now no longer busy. Mahou then introduces,"The Beautiful Magic of My Pure Heart, Ace Witch". Ace then says, "What did I just say?". She then grabs out a gold wand with magenta jewels on top. She then calls out, "Jaakuna majo hantā! Ima sugu tachisare! Katsute, kono kuni o nokosu!" This returns the two hunters back to Europe.

She and sensei both then turn back to human form. Sensei says, "Mahou-San, my name is Aurora Starlight and I am a fairy magical girl, and you are a witch magical".  Mahou then says, "Call me Sari please". Aurora then says, "Ok Sari, and you will have to leave your family now that you are a magical girl for your own protection". Sari says, "Ok I will if it is for my own protection".  

Aurora explains the situation to Sari's parents and Sari gathers up all her possessions. Aurora puts the boxes and bags in to her car and drives Sari to her home. Aurora then lets Sari out of the car when they reach their destination. She then says, "Sari Mahou, welcome to your new home, Mystic Mansion".  Sari then asks, "Your kidding right! This is my new home". Aurora then says, "Yes it is Sari".  Sari then says happily, "Yeah, this is the best birthday ever".


  • Aurora Starlight / Fairy Magic
  • Sari Mahou / Ace Witch

  • Witch Hunters Evil and Mean


  • The very first episode of Mystical Legend.
  • Aurora Starlight is a fariy magical girl called Fairy Magic.
  • Sari Mahou awakens her powers as Ace Witch.
  • Mystical Mansion is seen for the first time.
  • Aurora starts living in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Sari uses her first ever spell in the show.
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