"Magical Girl's sign of friendship is by linking hands. "
―The slogan for Mahō Shōjo Yoshino, {{{3}}}

Mahō Shōjo Yoshino
Kanji 魔法少女ヨシノ
TV Series information
Directed by CureKanade
Producers CureKanade
Writers CureKanade
Episodes 12
Airdate June 2014
Languages Japanese
Opening Theme Link (Episodes 1 - 12)
Closing Theme Meteor Shower (Episodes 1 - 11)

Moving Forward (Episode 12)

Original Run June 8, 2014 - August 24, 2014
Mahō Shōjo Yoshino (魔法少女ヨシノ Mahō Shōjo Yoshino) is a TV series created by CureKanade. It is to air on June 8 2014 and the main character is Akiyama Yoshino, a young girl who is a fan of magical girls and one day, she meets a magical girl named Momori Rumi who is fighting a monster that could destroy Yoshino's hometown really quickly.
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