Mamoritai Kara (守りたいから) or I Want to Protect is the opening theme for Mythical Mew Mew. It is sung by the voice actresses for Ame Momose, Kyoho Aitani, Suguri Akamura, Nashi Midoriyama, Mikan Orenjitake and Ichijiku Aitani.

Description Edit

The OP starts with the title fading onto an image of falling cherry blossom petals before panning down to Ame packing up and running through the front door of her school with Miki and Airi.

Next, the six main girls run past the camera, one at a time while posing. (Ame jumps and twirls, Kyoho glances at the camera, Suguri pumps her fist into the air, Nashi smiles, Mikan waves and Ichijiku does a peace sign)

We then see snippets of the characters lives, Ame is working on an outfit, Kyoho is scaring people with her glare, Nashi is studying, Mikan is doing a science experiment, and Ichijiku is reading manga.

Ame is sitting with Miki and Airi while laughing. Satomi quickly walks in front of the camera, blocking it, after she fully passes the scene switches to Ame sitting with the other Mews taking a break in their cafe uniform.

Ame is standing with a surprised look on her face as her Mew Pendant slowly drops into her hands and emits a burst of light.

The six main girls are all transformed, they fly through the air and we see snippets of them fighting Chimera Anima, using their attacks and saving people. The Mews stand on a building all holding hands before the camera zooms out to show the jumbo screen behind them playing a news broadcast about the girls. Lastly, Ame is walking into her classroom and blushes when Satomi smiles.

Lyrics Edit

English Translation Romanization
Kitto doko ka de deateru anata no koto nakukashiku naru

Nani mo nai sekai de tsukuru kizuna wa

Yatto aetane

We'll definitely meet somewhere

I think of you and end up in tears

We've finally met

Hitori zutsuja dekinai koto

Isshoi ni kitto kanaete yukeru

Sonna igashiteru

Since I can't do it alone

Together we can grant it

That sort of greeting

Nee, kiaekaketa inochi no koe ga

Nee, anata ni mo kikoetekurudeshou~

Hey, that sort of leaping prayer

Hey, even you can hear it, right~?

Konna kirei na hoshi o mamoritaikara

Saa minna, te o totte aiaia wow wow wow

Yume bakari oikakete kamawanaikara OH I JUST WANNA KEEP ON LOVING YOU!

Because I want to protect this beautiful of a star

Now, everyone, grab hands, Aiaia, woah woah woah I don't mind if all we're doing is chasing dreams

Now, everyone, let's go with being well OH, I JUST WANNA KEEP ON LOVING YOU

Character Appearances Edit

  • Ame Momose / Mew Candy
  • Airi Kurosawa
  • Miki Sato
  • Kyoho Aitani / Mew Grape
  • Suguri Akamura / Mew Currant
  • Nashi Midoriyama / Mew Pear
  • Mikan Orenjitake / Mew Tangerine
  • Ichijiku Aitani / Mew Fig
  • Satomi Asakusa

Trivia Edit

  • Mamoritai Kara was originally performed in 2001 at the Tokyo Mew Mew Live Character Show
  • It was originally sung by Yuuki Yoshida, Satomi Akesaka, Yurie Matsui, Ayako Izumi and Mako Sakurai
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