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"IF you wanted me to save her, She should have listened to me."
Maria's last battle?
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"Wait...the portal to the Cake Planet is in this Witch's mouth?"
Japanese title マリアの最終決戦?

(Maria's Final Battle?)

Episode Information
Episode no. 3
Writers Ted Lewis
Airdate August 2013 (USA)

2014 (Japan)

Languages English


Duration 24 Minutes
Studio SHAFT
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment
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A Promise to make
The sword-wielding Magical Girl

Maria's Last Battle? is the 3rd Episode of Magical Molly!.


Molly & Sabrina are getting used to Maria's witch hunting trial course, however their wishes are still undecided. In the next day, a new witch emerges, and the two girls decided to call Maria for help. But Hillda tries to warn her that the witch is different than the previous ones, much to Maria's refusal. As Molly tries to please her, she actually reveals her dark secret: for being always alone. Maria gladly accepts her friendship, and leads to battle with the witch. However, is this her last fight?

Characters Appearing[]

  • Main
    • Molly Kelley
    • Sabrina Mickey
    • Maria Thompson
    • Hilda Adams
    • Cubey
  • Others
    • Kyle Knowles
    • Judy Kelley
  • Witches
    • The Witch of Desserts


"Well, I..."silents" Maybe it's a bad idea if I spill this out."
―Maria, refuses to answer that what is her wish really is, instead of asking where is she came from.
"If you wanted me to save her, She should have listened to me."
"Is that a witch, or it's just a dessert topping?"
―Sabrina, apparently homaging Bakura.

Censorships/Changes made from the original Episode[]

This Episode with the most famous one because of the censorships.

  • The sparkles are added in explosions, as usual.

    Don't mind about that scene, she was just going to the cake planet.

  • Mami's tragic flashback is removed.
  • Junko's clevage is edited.
  • Mami's gun remains uncensored, however the sound effects are not.
  • The scene of a single frame that seems to foreshadow what's to come is deleted.
  • And the most famous one: Mami's death is heavily cut: the removal of the scene of her head being chewed by Charlotte.


Episode Releases[]

  • The Episode is released in the 2nd Volume of Magical Molly DVD releases.

Japanese version[]

マリアの最終決戦? (Maria's Final Battle?)

  • Strangely the scene of Mami's death is still deleted.

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