マル Maru
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Phoenix Heart
Eye ColorDark Blue
Hair ColorLight Blue
Home PlaceGarden of Jewels
First AppearanceFwPCPH01
Theme ColorLight Blue (main)

Dark Blue (sub)

Japanese Voice ActorWakaba Murasaki
Maru is the prince of Shapes Kingdom. Unlike Mipple and Mepple, Maru can stay in his normal as long as he likes, but chooses to stay in cell phone mode since Dusk Zone wouldn't recognise them. He ends his sentences with "-gata".

His theme colour is light blue and his sub colour is dark blue. His eyes are dark blue with blue markings by his eyes and on his forehead his head dark blue marking that look like two circle joined together. He has a circle shape at the end of his tail.

Maru is very calm because of his status and can sometimes make Mayu act like his slave. He is respected by Dia and Lulun very well and he respects everybody back as well. He does seem to argue with Pollun and Mepple a lot but makes up with them after a while.

He can get angry sometimes but very rarely. He starts to fall for Dia and starts acting like a slave around her. He as help confessing with the help of her older sister Mipple.


Maru adventure started when the Rainbow Crystals suddenly disappeared. He is sent down by Queen Hoseki. On the way to Earth, he bumps into Lulun and they continue on the way to Earth. When they were in the clouds, a lightning hit them and they turned into their cell phone form.



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