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Mayu Yabun
夜分 まゆ Yabun Mayu
Season Futari wa Pretty Cure Phoenix Heart
Age 14
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Orange
Relatives Yabun Maria (mother)

Yabun Katsuya (father) Yabun Miki (younger sister) Misumi Nagisa (cousin) Misumi Rie (auntie) Misumi Takeshi (uncle) Misumi Ryouta (cousin)

First Appearance FwPCPH01
Alter Ego Cure Black Phoenix
Theme Color Pink (main)

Black (sub)

Japanese Voice Actor Yuka Imai

Mayu is one of the main characters in Futari wa Pretty Cure Phoenix Heart. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Black Phoenix (キュア ブラック フェニックス Kyua Burakku Fenikkusu). Mayu is good friends with Kaori Shiranami, but before she became a Pretty Cure, she never knew she existed. She admires Kaori because of her intelligence and starts to love studying because of her. She also admires her cousin Nagisa Misumi a lot and wants to grow up to be just like her. She has a habit of saying "Fukanō!" (不可能! Fukanō!) when shocked or upset, which can be translated to "Impossible!"

Mayu may be sporty, but she loves to solve mysteries. She is weak when it comes to cute stuff and is very bad at academics but when she begins studying with Kaori, she begins to get better grades. She plays soccer for her school and plays the position mid-field. She loves to eat Akane Fujita's takoyaki with Kaori and Sayaka Karui. She met Sayaka because of Akane and Kaori.

Like Nagisa, Mayu has a great sense of justice and hates it when innocence people are targeted by the Dusk Zone.


Mayu's adventure started when she was training for soccer when it started pouring. Mayu had to run to shelter until the rain stopped. While waiting, Mayu spoke to her two best friends, Arisa Honda and Hana Tachibana about the exam that they had to do the next day and that they hadn't studied. Just than two phone-like devices fell from the sky and landed at the girls feet. Mayu picked them up and wondered who threw them. She asked her team mates if they threw two phones and everybody had answered with a "no". Arisa told Mayu to keep the phones and Hana said maybe aliens had lost them, making Arisa and Mayu laugh. When the rain finally stopped, Mayu walked home and had dinner with her family. She had a shower then went back to her bedroom. Mayu saw on her bed, that the blue phone was gone and in it's place was a blue creature with a round tail. Mayu freaked out and grabbed her lamp and started hitting the creature. The creature ran around the room until Mayu finally figured out that it wasn't going to hurt her. She apologised and introduced herself and the creature introduced itself as Maru. Maru tells her about the missing Rainbow Crystals and that he needs two girls to help him and another creature who's name he forgotten. Mayu was about to say something when a scream from the direction of the amusement park made Mayu stop what she was about to say. Maru told her to take him down to the park. Mayu did as she was told and got to the amusement park within two minutes. She saw people rushing out and a monster that looked like a roller coaster standing over something. Mayu ran into the park to see a girl with long dark blue hair standing under the monster. She noticed her holding a pale pink creature with a diamond tail. She looked at Maru and saw that he was already running towards the monster. Mayu gave chase and found herself standing beside the girl. Maru and the creature named Dia told them to transform by saying Dual Aurora Wave. Mayu and the dark blue haired girl transformed into the legendary warriors called Pretty Cure and defeated the monster with their teamwork. Mayu ended up saying "Impossible!" and found out that the girl's name was Kaori.


Mayu has short orange hair that is 5cm above her shoulders. She usually wears her hair down. Her casual outfit is a pink long sleeved sweater that bunches up around the waist, a light brown skirt, white thigh length stocking with a pale pink strip at the top and white sneakers with pale pink laces.
Her summer outfit is a white tank top, light brown skirt, knee length socks and brown dock martins.
Her movie outfit is a closed waist length orange coat with black button and pockets on either side, the right side holding the commune, black skinny jeans and black converses with white laces.

Cure Black Phoenix

"Emissary of Light, Cure Black Phoenix!"
"光の使者、キュア ブラック フェニックス!"
"Hikari no Shisha, Kyua Burakku Fenikkusu!"

Cure Black Phoenix (キュア ブラック フェニックス Kyua Burakku Fenikkusu) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Mayu. Being the strongest of the duo, she is usually the one to lay the most attacks but isn't fast and agile as Cure White Phoenix is. She uses her legs more while Cure White Phoenix uses her legs more for attacking. As a Cure, she is more serious and as a more sense of justice then when she is as Mayu. Together with Cure White Phoenix, she can preform the Phoenix Screw and Rainbow Therapy attacks. Later on, the duo is powered up by the Phoenix Bracelets from Pollun and Lulun, they can use the attack Rainbow Hurricane.
With Shiny Luminous Phoenix, they can the attack Extreme Luminario Miracle.

h Relationships

Kaori Shiranami - Although Mayu never knew Kaori existed, she became good friends with her when she became a Pretty Cure with her. They go through the good and bad times together and defeat every obstacle together.

Sayaka Karui - Mayu meets Sayaka in episode 14 and is shocked when Sayaka becomes Shiny Luminous Phoenix. The two become good friends and Mayu and Kaori swore to make sure nothing hurts Sayaka.

Maru - Maru is Mayu's fairy. She keeps Maru in a blue cell phone.


Yabun (夜分) - The Ya (夜) translates to night and the bun (分) translates to minute, which may refer to her alter ego Cure "Black" Phoenix since night could represent the colour black.

Mayu (まゆ) - A girl's common name in japanese. It is translated to "brow".

Her name means "Night-time Brow".


As a main character, Mayu's voice actor, Yuka Imai, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices.

  • Tsukiakari no shita de odori
  • Night Angel
  • Sore wa fukanōda
  • Sekai no chōjō ni


  • Densetsu no Senshi
  • Colourful Device
  • Kono yume kara watashi o jiyū ni settei
  • Phoenix Heart
  • Yami ga ochiru mono to
  • Kōtakunoaru Reinbō


  • Mayu's birthday falls on June 9th.
    • Therefore Mayu's zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • Mayu's cure form looks exactly like Cure Black.