Mermaid Melody Wonder World
マーメイド メロディー ワンダー ワールド
(Māmeido Merodī Wandā Wārudo)
Episodes70 Episodes
SuccessorLet's Go! Mermaid Melody
Opening SongUmi no Power (1 - 37)

Aquamarine Heart (38 - 70)

Ending SongAmai Kiss (1 - 37)

Fortune Princess (38 - 70)

Mermaid Melody Wonder World (マーメイド メロディー ワンダー ワールド Māmeido Merodī Wandā Wārudo) is a Mermaid Melody fanseries created by CureKanade.

In this series, there are seven mermaids and they have a locket that contains their pearl so they can sing. But the pearl can also let them fight like normal magical girls but also sing when it it needed. To help their songs become even more effected, the mermaids can summon instruments that they can use in combat and singing. The mermaids all have mascot partners who help them transform into warriors and one of the mermaids were actually born as an human and given the power to transform into a mermaid princess.


Aida Madoka, a human girl, is fourteen years old girl and is celebrating her classmate and best friend, Yayoi Nozomu's birthday. But when Nozomu transforms into a magical girl called Princess Dreamy to attack Nekoki, Madoka finds herself trying her best to help Princess Dreamy. When a pink locket appears in front of, Madoka is able to transform into Princess Lovely and help Princess Dreamy defeat Nekoki.


Mermaid Princesses

Aida Madoka (相田 まどか Aida Madoka)/ Lovely Pearl Voice (ラブリー パール ボイス Raburī Pāru Boisu)/ Princess Lovely (プリンセス ラブリー Purinsesu Raburī) - Madoka is the main character of the series and has an outgoing personality. She can be quite curious and clumsy and has a lot of friends.

Yayoi Nozomu (弥生 のぞむ Yayoi Nozomu)/ Dreamy Pearl Voice ( ドリーミー パール ボイス Dorīmī Pāru Boisu)/ Princess Dreamy (プリンセス ドリーミー Purinsesu Dorīmī) - Nozomu is a main character of the series and has a cute personality. She can be quite optimistic and is a growing idol in Japan.


Opening Themes

# Original Title English Title Episodes
01 Umi no Power Power of the Sea 1 - 37
02 Aquamarine Heart 38 - 70

Ending Themes

# Original Title English Title Episodes
01 Amai Kiss Sweet Kiss 1 - 37
02 Fortune Princess 38 - 70

Mermaid Songs

# Original Title English Title Singer Episodes
01 Love & Joy
02 Dokidoki Mirai Heart-Pounding Future
03 Negai no Umi Sea of Wishes
04 Kirameku Star★ Sparkling Star★
05 Niji no Sekai World of Rainbows
06 Bright Light
07 Omoiyari no aru kokoro Heart of Gold
08 Wonderful Dreams
09 Pure Love 1,
10 Sayonara Goodbye
11 Bonds of Jewels
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