Miracle Bow Pretty Cure!
Kanji ミラクルボープリキュア!
Romaji Mirakuru Bō Purikyua!
Anime Season Information
Created by CureHibiki
Writers CureHibiki
Network TV~Hibiki
Original Run February 1, 2015
Episodes Unknown
Opening Themes Miracle Bow Pretty Cure!YAY!!!
Closing Themes Girls Got Love?


Series Information
Predecessor Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Successor Dawning Hearts Pretty Cure!
Miracle Bow Pretty Cure! (ミラクルボープリキュア! Mirakuru Bō Purikyua!) is the new Pretty Cure series created by CureHibiki. It airs on February 1, 2015, succeeding Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! in its initial timeslot. It is the sequel of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! but focuses on new characters. The series' themes are fashion, love and mirrors.



Main Cures

Sakado Ayumi (坂戸あゆみ Sakado Ayumi)/ Cure Sweetie (キュアスウィーティー Kyua Suu~ītī)
Ayumi is the main protagonist of the series who doesn't remember anything of her childhood, even now. She is easily confused and is very adventurous and curious about life. She is very close with her grandparents and is very kind and sweet towards everyone, even towards the Illusion Core members! Ayumi's standard signature color is peach pink and she can change into one alternative form, Happiness Chocola (ハピネスチョコラ Hapinesu Chokora), with the signature colour of orange. She is represented by the rose.

Takemura Noriko (竹村のりこ Takemura Noriko)/ Cure Wonder (キュアワンダー Kyua Wandā)
Noriko is another protagonist of the series who is happy-go-lucky and sporty. She is extremely smart and courageous and has a weird side to herself. She has an odd habit of appearing in places you wouldn't expect to see her and she tomboyish but it isn't visible due to her girly looks that cover it. Noriko's standard signature colour is lime green and she can change into one alternative form, Creamy Moonshine (クリーミームーンシャイン Kurīmī Mūnshain), with the signature colour of lilac. She is represented by the circle.


Tiara (ティアラ Tiara)
Ayumi and Noriko's fairy partner. Tiara is strict and tough, wanting Ayumi and Noriko to become very strong to defeat Illusion Core. She can be fun-loving and can easily become nervous.

Blue (ブルー Burū)
Blue is the spiritual being of Earth who endows the heroines with the power of Pretty Cure. He usually checks up on Ayumi, Noriko and Tiara from time to time but is always with the HappinessCharge Cures in Pikarigaoka.

Illusion Core

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