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Mitsuko Kita
Age 12
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Dark blue
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Occupation Alien hunter
VA (English) Athena Karkanis
VA (Japanese) Rica Matsumoto

Mitsuko Kita is an Alien 9 OC created by Camillelulu. 


Mitsuko is a genuine person who follows her heart and always makes the right decisions. She is full of life, yet mischievous. She has the power to predict the future and tell others their fortunes. It takes a bit of practice, but she hopes to become a perfect psychic. She is carefree about the world and lets everything else fall into place. She is very optimistic and swears by her own word. She doesn't really care about anything that's up-to-date, as long as she remains herself, and will not let anyone change the way she is.


  • Like Yuri, she doesn't merge with her Borg because she thinks it's too risky and knows the consequences that might come from it.
  • Mitsuko knows a lot about aliens and is very fluent in the alien language.