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Mizuki Izumi
水木 いずみ Mizuki Izumi
Season Noble Pretty Cure
Age 14
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black (Izumi)

Sky Blue (Jewel)

Home Place Koizumi Town
Relatives Mizuki Hina (mother)
First Appearance NPC01
Alter Ego Cure Jewel
Theme Color Blue
Japanese Voice Actor Kana Hanazawa

Mizuki Izumi (水木 いずみ Mizuki Izumi) is one of the main characters in Noble Pretty Cure. She is a girl who loves reading, science and maths. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Jewel (キュア ジュエル Kyua Jueru).


Izumi has wavy black hair that she ties into a high ponytail by a blue scrunchie. Her eyes are blue. Her casual outfit consists of a ...

As Cure Jewel, her hair becomes curlier and turns blue while her hair is secured into a ponytail by a round bun. Her eyes are still blue.


Izumi is a shy girl who enjoys reading all types of books. She has tried writing one story but gave up when she thought it was a copy of another novel. She is very smart, science and maths being her favourite and best subjects. She is nicknamed "Queen of School" because of how smart she is and everyone means it in a good way. Izumi dreams of becoming a doctor so she can save lives and see people healthy and hurt or weak. She likes to read at school in the courtyard with Kiyoko and share what is happening in the story.



Nanami Kiyoko -

Miyazaki Hoshimi -

Sekima Himeko -

Ritsu -

Seina -

Kotoyuki Sakura -

Cure Jewel

"The shining gem of bubbles, Cure Jewel!"
"Kihō no kagayaku hōseki, Kyua Jueru!"

Cure Jewel (キュア ジュエル Kyua Jueru) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Mizuki Izumi. Cure Jewel holds the power of water and ice and her motif is bubbles. She can summon ice-skates whenever she needs them.

Her basic attack is Floating Bubble. In Episode 28, the Royal Set appears, and she, Cure Pure, Cure Tiara and Cure Lady are granted new forms called Noble form, which allows them to use the attack, Super Maiden Special. In Episode 32, Cure Jewel is granted her own Noble Scepter, which allows her to use her upgrade attack, Silver Swan Attack. In Episode 49, she and the other Cures are able to use a new group attack called Ultimate Maiden Special, which purified Your Evilness.


Noble Cure Jewel


Floating Bubble is the main attack used by Cure Jewel. She makes a circle with her fingers and the says the first half of the incantation. The circles turns into a giant bubble and floats just in front of Cure Jewel's fingers. She put her hand gently to the bubble's surface and says the rest of the incantation, sending it towards the enemy. When it hits the enemy, it causes an explosion of mini bubbles, purifying the enemy.

Silver Swan Attack is Cure Jewel's upgrade attack that she is granted in Episode 32. First off, Cure Jewel holds her hands out in front of her to summon her Noble Scepter. As she receives the scepter, she transforms into her noble form. As she says the first half of the incantation, she draws a swan with her scepter in the air. While saying the rest of the incantation, the swan fills up with blue light and Cure Jewel clicks the bubble-shaped button on her scepter, sending the swan flying towards the enemy. As it impacts with the enemy, the swan explodes into mini bubbles, purifying it.



Izumi's voice actor, Kana Hanazawa, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Eri Kitamura, who voices Nanami Kiyoko, Harumi Sakurai, who voices Miyazaki Hoshimi, and Yui Makino, who voices Sekima Himeko.

  • Aoiro Hikari
  • Dreaming Doctor


  • Kaguyaku Light (Along with Eri Kitamura, Harumi Sakurai and Yui Makino)
  • Colourful World (Along with Harumi Sakurai)
  • Royalty Rules! (Along with Eri Kitamura, Harumi Sakurai, Yui Makino and Mayu Kudo)
  • Always be the first Pretty Cure (Along with Eri Kitamura, Harumi Sakurai, Yui Makino and Hitomi Yoshida)