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Nanami Kiyoko
七海 清子 Nanami Kiyoko
Season Noble Pretty Cure
Age 14
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown (Kiyoko)

Pink (Pure and Princess Kokoro)

Hair Color Chocolate Brown (Kiyoko)

Blonde (Pure and Princess Kokoro)

Home Place Koizumi Town
Relatives Nanami Hitomi (mother)

Nanami Naoto (father)

First Appearance NPC01
Alter Ego Cure Pure
Theme Color Pink (main)

White (sub)

Japanese Voice Actor Eri Kitamura

Nanami Kiyoko (七海 清子 Nanami Kiyoko) is the main character and leader of Noble Pretty Cure. She is the reincarnation of Princess Kokoro (プリンセス こころ Purinsesu Kokoro) and her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Pure (キュア ピュア Kyua Pyua).


Kiyoko has shoulder-length chocolate brown hair that is left down. Her bangs are chin-length and her eyes are brown. Her casual outfit consists of a ...

As Cure Pure, her hair turns blonde and is secured into a high ponytail by a gold tiara with a heart-shaped gem with a gold trim in the middle. Her bangs grow to her shoulders and her eyes turn pink.

As Princess Kokoro, her hair turns blonde and grows to her waist. Her bangs are the same length as her Cure form and her eyes are pink. She wears a gold tiara with a heart-shaped gem with a gold trim in her hair.


Kiyoko is a lively girl who has a pure heart. She is kind to everyone in the world, even to people who are her enemy. She will always do her best to protect her loved ones and is told by her parents that she has a heart full of love. Kiyoko is a bit clumsy as well, usually tripping over her own feet and making a mess in the kitchen. She can be elegant as well and has wonderful vocals, being asked by a couple of mangers from idol companies to join but refuses. She is seen reading from time to time which leads to the others asking if she has a passion for reading.


The death of Princess Kokoro and Lady Ai

Before the story started, Princess Kokoro and Lady Ai were having a lovely day playing cards in the garden of Heartful Kingdom. Then, an explosion came from the gates surrounding the garden and soldiers and Waruna's from Darkness came charging in. Princess Kokoro called for help and along with Lady Ai, she grabbed a wooden stick from the ground and stabbed the closest Waruna in the side but was hurt badly from the Waruna. Minutes later, the princess and the lady died and were revived as normal human girls from their courage of wanting to protect their kingdom from Darkness.


Sekima Himeko - Himeko is the reincarnation of Lady Ai who was Princess Kokoro's best friend. Now on Earth, Kiyoko knows nothing about Himeko, but meets her in Episode 4 from their will of wanting to protect their loved ones. Kiyoko gets to know Himeko again and together the girls try to figure out their past and how they knew they were meant to find each other.

Mizuki Izumi - Izumi is a Pretty Cure partner of Kiyoko's. She joined the team second and happily became Kiyoko's friend. The two are sometimes found reading in the corner of the courtyard of the academy and sharing the plot of the story they are reading together.

Miyazaki Hoshimi - Unlike everyone else, Kiyoko found Hoshimi awesome and fun to be around and became her friend in Episode 3, resulting in Hoshimi transforming into Cure Tiara in Episode 4. Kiyoko and Hoshimi get along very well, Hoshimi trying to teach Kiyoko how to cook and Kiyoko teaching her to change her personality a bit so people would accept her.

Ritsu - Ritsu is one of the mascots that helps Kiyoko with her mission as a Pretty Cure. She likes to keep Ritsu entertained by leaving him at home playing board games while she is at school, which is where his love of board games started. Most of the time, Kiyoko likes taking Ritsu and Seina to the park so they can get out of the house and discuss battle plans in the secret of the trees.

Seina - Seina is the other mascot that helps Kiyoko with her misson as a Pretty Cure. Kiyoko lets Seina do whatever she wants at her house while she is at school, as long as its not chatting away with her father who is always at home making up stories for children. Seina looks forwards to going to the park so she can give tips to Kiyoko and the others about how to fight as a Pretty Cure.

Cure Pure

"The elegant heart of love, Cure Pure!"
"Ai no ereganto na kokoro, Kyua Pyua!"

Cure Pure (キュア ピュア Kyua Pyua) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Nanami Kiyoko. Cure Pure holds the power of love and her motif is the heart. She can summon wings on her back to fly whenever she needs to.

Her basic attack is Lovely Heart. In Episode 28, the Royal Set appears, and she, Cure Jewel, Cure Tiara and Cure Lady are granted new forms called Noble form, which allows them to use the attack, Super Maiden Special. In Episode 31, Cure Pure is granted her own Noble Scepter, which allows her to use her upgrade attack, Golden Butterfly Panic. In Episode 49, she and the other Cures are able to use a new group attack called Ultimate Maiden Special, which purified Your Evilness.


Noble Cure Pure

Princess Cure Pure


Lovely Heart  is Cure Pure's main attack that she uses in the show.  She makes a heart with her fingers and says the first part of the incantation, which makes the heart grow bigger and hover in front of her face-up palm. As she is putting her palm on the heart, she says the rest of the incantation, and pushes hard on the heart, sending it flying towards the enemy, trapping them inside, which purifies them.

Golden Butterfly Panic is Cure Pure's upgrade attack that she is granted in Episode 31. First up, Cure Pure holds her hand up and summons her Noble Scepter. When she gets her scepter, she transforms into her noble form. Next she says the first half of the incantation and draws a butterfly in the air with her scepter. While saying the rest of the incantation, the butterfly fills up with pink light and Cure Pure clicks the pink heart-shaped button on her scepter, sending the butterfly flying towards the enemy, trapped them inside its wings, purifying it.


Nanami (七海) - Nana (七) means "seven" while mi (海) means "sea".

Kiyoko (清子) - Kiyo (清) means "pure" which probably references her Cure name, while ko (子) means "child".

Kokoro (こころ) - Kokoro (心) means "heart" which references Kiyoko's motif which is hearts.


Kiyoko's voice actor, Eri Kitamura, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Kana Hanazawa, who voices Mizuki Izumi, Harumi Sakurai, who voices Miyazaki Hoshimi, and Yui Makino, who voices Sekima Himeko.


  • Kaguyaku Light (Along with Kana Hanazawa, Harumi Sakurai and Yui Makino)
  • Graceful Duo (Along with Yui Makino)
  • Royalty Rules! (Along with Kana Hanazawa, Harumi Sakurai, Yui Makino and Mayu Kudo)
  • Always be the first Pretty Cure (Along with Kana Hanazawa, Harumi Sakurai, Yui Makino and Hitomi Yoshida)