Nezumi ( Nezumi?) is Miyuno Elle 's Fairy Partner in Idol Star☆Cinderella. She's rather haughty and plans on making Elle become number one. She ends her sentences with "~chi"


Nezumi looks like a white mouse with brown eyes and a blue bow around her neck.

For a small ammount of time, Nezumi can take a human form. When like this, Nezumi is around the height of a high school student with white hair kept in a bob style, brown eyes and a blue ribbon wrapped around her head like a headband. She's seen wearing the school's uniform in grey. 


Nezumi is haughty and ambitious, planning on making Elle the number one idol. She has a problem with amitting defeat, which is her main weakness. Even so, she can be kind and has a good sense of humor.


  • Miyuno Elle - Nezumi has plans on making Elle the number one idol, but respects her partners limits, making her challenge said limits little by little.


Nezumi (鼠): Nezumi (鼠) translates to mouse.


  • Nezumi's favorite food is cheese crepes
  • Nezumi shows no fear of any animal that could eat her. On more than one occation, she is shown to be around a stray cat and is even playing with it.
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