ニラ 'Nira'
18 (Sea Girls)
Eye ColorPastel Blue
Hair ColorPlatinum White
Home PlaceNila's House
RelativesCoralia (mother)
Cain (father)
Japanese Voice ActorNana Mizuki

Nila (pronounced Nyla) is Mermaid Chronicles's main protagonist. She's a Mermaid coming from the Southern Pod along her best friend Sirena. She's a powerful mermaid as she is a Chosen One, her mother is one, her grandmother is (and all of her great grandmothers) as this is hereditary. It is believed that she is as powerful as the Princess of the Southern Sea.


Nila comes from the Aqua Lapis Southern Pod, she knows Sirena since they were little, Nila loves swimming and collecting sea glass and shells to make beautiful necklaces. She has talents for singing and her songs are an enchantment for everyone, since she was given her Moon Necklace she works hard to polish her powers. Her mother Coralia a well known powerful mermaid teaches the three girls, she always uses her mother's advices, even if Sirena is better at controlling her powers, Nila can prove to rival other powerful mermaids. When she's not training, she takes her singing lessons and tries to perfect her singing abilities. But sometimes things happen when she sings (like water freezing or hardening), she is aware of the effect she does when she sings. She's kind and helpful towards Kimiko while Sirena is harsh towards her but the two always helps the persons in need.

At her land school, she tries her best to spend for a human, but in music class, her powers sometimes shows up when she sings. She always lies down in the water and sometimes fell asleep, she's afraid of the moon and sometimes hides in the cave or in a clam when the full moon shows up. Nila hates Emilia the stereotypical rich snobby and mean girl, Emilia always mocks her with her friends and do things like hiding insects in her case, putting her stuff to rain water....But Emilia is even more a bigger that she is a mermaid, she bullies her and her friends with her newfound powers. Nila heard about an powerful eclipse which can have an effect on a mermaid. With the help of Sirena, they made a potion who can drastically increase the moon's powers and draw a mermaid's powers. Nila lured Emilia to the moon pool and then Sirena and Kimiko showed up and made her fall to the pool and they used the potion on her, making Emilia human again forever.

But Nila has something to know: she's the Chosen One, the fact that she has difficulty controlling her powers is because her ancestry is very powerful and she has the ability to make powerful spells and her exploits are amazing (i.e transforming water into a three-headed snake, freezing an entire room...). She is the only one along with her family to use this: the Mermaid Tear, a legendary object which is said to be a stone who was born from the tears of a mermaid and contains a powerful power. That mermaid have been said to be part of her family which is why only her family can use the Mermaid Tear. Nila learns how to use the Tear and the Mermaid Mirror which is said to reflect the soul of that mermaid. Now with this, Nila works twice harder than usual, with her family's help and with her best friends.

Sea GirlsEdit

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Nila is kind, cute and smiling, she's somwhat air-headed, she works hard and studies a lot, she's good at science and music. She works so hard that she tires herself sometimes. Nila is afraid of the moon's effect, the first time she was struck by the moon, she was carefree and spoke her mind to everyone. She's very sweet and always helps, she cares for the ones she loves.

She can sometimes be naive but she knows how to make people tells the truth when they hide something, she can show a bit of a controlling, organized and hardworking personality. Nila can act like the older one in the group, altough Sirena is. She can be shy but when she sings, she's another person.


Nila is medium sized (she's 5'6 inches tall), she has a pale complexion, she has perfectly platinum white straight hair and has a left-sided bang and pale blue eyes. Her usual clothing attire conisists of white clothes with shades of blue on her clothes, she usually wears white dresses with blue tints.

In her mermaid form, she has a blue tail with a dolphin shaped fluke and wears a blue/white halter neck top and wears her necklace. She also has a light blue streak underwater.


  • Moon Necklace - A necklace which stores the moon's powers, it has numerous powers and it was given to her by her mother because Nila has proven to be worth to have one.
  • Mermaid Tear - A drop shaped object with gold decorations, it has powerful powers and this object can be used only by her family. She works hard to how to use this object. Nila can do water magic with this object.
  • Mermaid Mirror - A blue glass mirror who have the power to do magic with water and has the ability to reflect people's toughts.


  • Aquatic Adaptation - As a mermaid, she can live in underwater environment, she can breathe and talk underwater, she can breathe more than 10 hours. She is immunized to the coldness of water, he can also swim in hot waters. Mermaids lives in or fresh or salted water but she prefers living in the sea.
  • Durability - She can swim for days without being tired, she can swim more than 600 km/h, a feat than humans can't do.
  • Speed Swimming - She can swim very fast underwater, she is encased in bubbles when she swims and use them as a jet stream.
  • Zoolingualism - She can speak to dolphins and whales, she prefers speaking to dolphins, according to her, dolphins are very talkative.
  • Hydrokinesis - She can manipulate water at her will, she can expand the water size and multiply the molecules, she can range from creating water orbs to water figurines and three-headed snakes or even a dragon.
  • Telekinesis - She can move things with her minds, she can attract things to her, levitate or holds objects, or change its direction.
  • Hydro-Cryokinesis - She can freeze water, water molecules and anything that contains water. She can also freeze people.
  • Substanciakinesis - She can harden water to a substance similar to glass, with this power or return it to its normal state if she wants.
  • Cryokinesis - She can freeze anything with this power, create snow, hail or snow storms, she can also make the snow fall.
  • Aerokinesis - She can control winds and air to her favor, she can create violent winds and storms.
  • Atmokinesis - Nila can create storms, heat the temperature, can make it rain or cool down the temperature. It is a natural merpeople power.
  • Invisibility - Nila can turn invisible, underwater or not. She can also detect when a mermaid uses this power.
  • Patho-Hydrokinesis - She has the special power to manipulate water via her emotional state, she can create hail or rain when angered or makes water splashes out and wet everything. Water will stay calm if she is but sometimes water boils, freeze or splashes in a geyser-like way depending on her emotions.
  • Hydromancy - Nila has the special power to see the past or future using water.
  • Underwater Speaking - Nila can speak underwater.


  • Favorite Foods: Grilled shrimps, fish toasts, spicy fish soups, grilled salmon, waffles, sardines, cakes.
  • Favorite Drinks: Tea, frappucino, hot chocolate.
  • Hobbies: Singing, swimming, making necklaces, speaking with dolphins.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • She revealed that she does yoga, so she can focus more on her powers and calm herself.
  • She sleeps extended in water or in a clam.
  • Her flip phone is white and light blue striped with a gold anchor and a red ribbon.
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