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Noble Pretty Cure (ノーブル プリキュア Nōburu Purikyua) is the first Pretty Cure series created by Cure Honey. The series is stated to air on February 1, 2014 and is to be around 49 episodes long. The themes for the show are royalty and hearts.  The opening theme is Dokidoki! Noble Pretty Cure!, while the ending theme is Pikapika ~Smiling Girls~.


Noble Pretty Cure Episodes


Pretty Cure

Nanami Kiyoko (七海 清子 Nanami Kiyoko)/ Cure Pure (キュア ピュア Kyua Pyua)/ Princess Kokoro (プリンセス こころ Purinsesu Kokoro)
Voice Actor: Eri Kitamura
Kiyoko is a lively girl who has a pure heart. She is kind to everyone and will do anything to protect everyone, even the people she hates. Kiyoko is the reincarnation of Princess Kokoro, the princess of Heartful Kingdom. As Cure Pure, her theme colours are pink and white while her motif is hearts.

Mizuki Izumi (水木 いずみ Mizuki Izumi)/ Cure Jewel (キュア ジュエル Kyua Jueru)
Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa
Izumi is a shy girl who loves reading. She is very smart, science and maths being her favourite subjects. Izumi dreams of becoming a doctor, so she can see everyone healthy and not weak or hurt. As Cure Jewel, her theme colour is blue while her motif is bubbles.

Miyazaki Hoshimi (宮崎 星見 Miyazaki Hoshimi)/ Cure Tiara (キュア ティアラ Kyua Tiara)
Voice Actor: Harumi Sakurai
Hoshimi is a silly girl who loves acting. She is in the drama club as a member and has no friends because of her silly personality. Hoshimi has a big sweet tooth and works in her family's restaurant as a waitress. As Cure Tiara, her theme colours are yellow and orange while her motif is stars.

Sekima Himeko (関間 姫子 Sekima Himeko)/ Cure Lady (キュア レディ Kyua Redi)/ Lady Ai (レディ あい Redi Ai)
Voice Actor: Yui Makino
Himeko is a calm girl who dreams of becoming a bride. She is kind to everyone she loves but hates who she hates. Himeko as a rare temper which usually appears when something bad happens to her. She is the reincarnation of Lady Ai. As Cure Lady, her theme colour is lilac and her motif is crowns.


Ritsu (リツ Ritsu)
Ritsu is one of the main mascots of the show. He is a lively fox-like fairy who enjoys playing board games. While he is in battles however, Ritsu's liveliness disappears and a more serious personality emerges from inside of him. He ends his sentences with "~yaru".

Seina (セイナ Seina)
Seina is one of the main mascots of the show. She is a calm cat-like fairy who tends to give useful tips to the girl on how to defeat Darkness. Like Ritsu, Seina is more serious during battles while she is more playful outside of battles. She ends her sentences with "~desu".


Your Evilness (あなたの邪悪 Anata no Jaaku)
Your Evilness is the leader of Darkness. Nobody knows her name, so her subordinates and Pretty Cure call her "Your Evilness". She wishes to find the Legendary Crystal, so she can destroy all light and take over the universe with darkness.

Waruna (悪な Waruna)
The Waruna are the monsters of Darkness. They are created when the subordinates throw a red gem at an everyday object. They can only say "~waruna" and "~jaaku".

Yami (闇 Yami)/ Yozora Mei (夜空 冥 Yozora Mei)
Yami is the first subordinate of Darkness to appear. She is the only girl of the group and first disguised herself as a student named Yozora Mei at Aisora Academy in Episode 12.

Botsu (没 Botsu)
Botsu is the second subordinate of Darkness to appear. He is a lot stronger than Yami and Ryuu and is always hungry, always blaming Pretty Cure for why he is always hungry.

Ryuu (竜 Ryū)
Ryuu is the third subordinate of Darkness to appear. He has the same strength as Yami and is in love with her while he hates everyone else in the group.

Hotoke (仏 Hotoke)
Hotoke is the fourth subordinate of Darkness to appear. He is very loyal to Your Evilness and Zenaku, always doing what they tell him to do. He is the second strongest of the group.

Zenaku (是なく Zenaku)
Zenaku is the final subordinate of Darkness to appear. He is the boss of the subordinates and best friends with Hotoke. He is very loyal to Your Evilness and doesn't battle Pretty Cure till Episode 35.

Supporting Characters

Nanami Hitomi (七海 ひとみ Nanami Hitomi)
Hitomi is Kiyoko's mother on Earth. She is a kind woman who works as a primary school teacher at Aisora Elementary School.

Nanami Naoto (七海 直人 Nanami Naoto)
Naoto is Kiyoko's father on Earth. He is a funny man who is children's book author.

Mizuki Hina (水木 ひな Mizuki Hina)
Hina is the mother of Izumi. She is very strict on her daughter about her grades and health but every other time she is a fun-loving mother.

Miyazaki Aina (宮崎 アイナ Miyazaki Aina)
Aina is the mother of Hoshimi. She finds having two children fun and is a stay-at-home mum who does all the cleaning around the house while her family is away. She works at the restaurant she and her family own. Her job at the restaurant is being the cook.

Miyazaki Yuzuru (宮崎 譲る Miyazaki Yuzuru)
Yuzuru is the father of Hoshimi. He is the mayor of Koizumi Town and is a fun-loving father while he is at home with his wife and two children. He dreams of Natsuki being the town's next mayor. His job at the restaurant is being the cash register person.

Miyazaki Natsuki (宮崎 夏木 Miyazaki Natsuki)
Natsuki is the eldest child of Aina and Yuzuru. He loves Hoshimi very much and loves spoiling her with sweets and stuffed toys. He hates it when Hoshimi is sick and will do anything to see her smile again. Natsuki's job at the restaurant is being his mother's helper in the kitchen and helping his sister with being a waitress.

Yoshino Shione (吉野 塩ね Yoshino Shione)
Shione is in the school's drama club. She finds Hoshimi fun to act with and is the president of the drama club. She is kind and sweet and loves to play the guitar.

Kotoyuki Sakura (琴雪 桜 Kotoyuki Sakura)
Sakura is a member of the gardening club. She is Izumi's childhood friend and always has her back. She misses Izumi's father since she thought he was a better father than hers.


Royal Dial (ロイヤル ダイアル Roiyaru Daiaru)
The transformation device for the girls. It resembles a heart-shaped brooch with a gold trim and a place to put a Precious Shard. The transformation phrase for the girls are Pretty Cure Heartful Power...Activate!.

Precious Shard (プレシャス シャード Pureshasu Shādo)
An item that helps the girls with transforming and using their attacks. It looks like a round pin with a gold tiara on it. It comes in the girls theme colours.

Golden Cards (ゴールデン カード Gōruden Kādo)
The items that the girls must collect to find the Legendary Crystal. There are ten to collect and each one brings them one step closer to finding the crystal. Each time they find one, there is a clue to finding either the next card or even a place where the crystal last was.

Legendary Crystal (伝説のクリスタル Densetsu no Kurisutaru)
The item that Pretty Cure and Darkness are searching for. If Pretty Cure finds it first, the universe can be saved from Your Evilness's dark powers or if Darkness get to the crystal first, darkness will spread throughout the universe.

Royal Set (ロイヤル セット Roiyaru Setto)
The item to transform the girls into their Noble forms and use their weapons for their new individual attacks or the group attack. The weapon is called Noble Scepter.


Heartful Kingdom (ハートフル キングドム Hātofuru Kingudomu)
Heartful Kingdom is the kingdom that Ritsu and Seina came from to find Pretty Cure. Princess Kokoro and Lady Ai also came from the kingdom.

Koizumi Town (小泉 町 Koizumi Machi)
The town that the series is set in.

Aisora Academy (アイソラ 学院 Aisora Gakuin)
The school that the Cures attend. They are in different classes. Kiyoko and Izumi in 2-A, Hoshimi in 1-C and Himeko in 2-D.

Aisora Elementary School (アイソラ 小学校 Aisora Shōgakkō)
The school that Nanami Hitomi works at.

Miyazaki Cuisine (宮崎 料理 Miyazaki Ryōri)
The restaurant that the Miyazaki family own.


  • This is Cure Honey's first Pretty Cure fanseries.
  • This is the first Pretty Cure series to have the theme colours pink, blue, yellow and lilac.
  • Noble Pretty Cure is the second series after Smile Pretty Cure! to have a different outfit for their group attacks.
  • Noble Pretty Cure has a few similarities with Smile Pretty Cure!:
    • They both have a royal-like theme.
    • They both have different outfits for their group attacks.
    • They both have two mascots.
    • They both use weapons with the same name for their group attacks.
  • There was to be a sequel to Noble Pretty Cure but Cure Honey changed her mind and decided to have a different series suceeding it after all.