Not to be confused with Origami Tobichii, her original Japanese counterpart.

Octavia Tally
640px-Origami ov
"Gonna Kill banish them all!"
Appears in Date A Live
Age 14
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Sliver
Eye Color Light Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Her Family (Banished)
Occupation Student

AST soldier

VA (English) Veronica Taylor
Octavia Tally is one of the main characters (and minor antagonist) in the 4Kids dub of Date A Live.


A Student with a cold personality, and she is also Samuel's secret friend. However: She had another secret: She is one of the members of the AST, trying to find the Super Being with fiery powers, who banished her parents since she was a child.


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Voice Actress

  • English: Veronica Taylor

Differences between her character in the original TV series

  • 4Kids-tobichii

    I feel kinda strange don't ya think?

    Octavia speaks in a stereotypical Schwarzenegger-like (Austrian) accent, only in female voice. Mostly it's because of her being an AST soldier.
  • The skin parts from her AST outfit (except for the face) is painted in AST's Color.
  • Her parents were banised instead of being killed.
    • However due to the cancellation of the dub, Her parent's fate still remain a mystery.
  • Similar to the other AST members, her weapon's projectiles are colored orange.
    • But hey, at least they aren't adding some clown-like colors in it!



All of the Origami Tobichii figures is repurposed as Octavia Tally's.

Armored Girls Project


You just paid 6800 yen for this uncensored Octavia Action figure. SERIOUSLY.

  • Tobichii Origami (Armored Girls Project)
    • Release Date: 2013-10-12
    • Price: 6800 yen
    • Accessories: to be added

Scale Figures

  • Tobichii Origami (Griffon Enterprise scale figure)
    • Release Date: 2014-1-30
    • Price: 10500 yen

A 1/8 Scale figure of Origami is made by Griffon. The figure's appearance is based on her AST look, sans the head parts.

She was quite expensive though. (Duh, it was made by Griffon Ent.)


  • Her VA, Veronica Taylor, also voices Ash in the Pokemon series.