Ogawa Tetsuya
小川 テツヤ Ogawa Tetsuya
SeasonYokai Watch Crusaders
Eye Colorblue
Hair Colordark blue
Home PlaceKihago City
Relativesmother (deceased) father (deceased) older brother (abandoned)
First AppearanceYWC01
Alter EgoOogama
Theme ColorGreen
Japanese Voice ActorNatsuki Hanae
English Voice ActorAaron Dismuke

Ogawa Tetsuya (小川 テツヤ) is the main male character in Yokai Watch Crusaders. He is a passionate boy who always tries to make others feel better even if was bad. He wants to take revenge on the Kaima as well for the same reason, killing his parents and making him live with his older brother. His alter ego is Ogama (大ガマ) the Honke Taicho.


When Tetsuya was a little boy, his friends back in elementary school would also make fun of him for saying that Yo-Kai don't exist. On certain days, he did'nt want to go to school cause of his friends. But then he came across a Yo-Kai named Koenra she made him smile and told him to ignore all of the evil at school.  His older brother without telling his parents were suprised to him do that.

The Death of his BrotherEdit

When he was 13, two months after Kimiko's parents died Tetsuya came back from school when he saw his older brother in the basement by the corner and asked him if he wants a drink but Tetsuya refused and his brother abused him causing him to see Kin and Gin. He tried to get his brother to stop but didn't believe him. All of the sudden he saw his brother dead after the drugs, which caused Tetsuya to cry and saw his brother fade into light.

Enraenra and the Yokai Watch Edit

One day when he and Kimiko were walking home from school, they find a mysterious woman and he told her to look out. He went up to her to see if she was alright and she gave him the thumbs up. During the first battle with the Kaima, they start running away until Yakkai managed to find Enraenra. They had to prevent Yakkai from getting any closer to her. He was given a Yokai Watch GT by Enraenra in order to defeat the Kaima.

Tetsuya and Kimiko's first battleEdit

After the two transform, they were in shock to find out that they weren't themselves anymore. The Kaima came running towards them but when it charged at them, it was sent flying. Tetsuya did'nt know of his power. At the first finisher, he and Kimiko threw out a one punch to defeat the Kaima.

The Reveal of the TaichosEdit

In episode 2, Enraenra tells he and Kimiko that they're the Yokai Crusaders, he looked at Kimiko and he giggled at her. He then grabs a manju from the counter and puts it in his pocket. He then grabs the Yokai Medal and inserts it into the watch.

Meeting Ogama for the first timeEdit

Tetsuya becomes worried when he encounters Ogama for the first time however it looked like Ogama was already used to him not knowing how Tetsuya feels about it. Tetsuya then gives the manju to him and now simply attached to him.

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