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No matter how much it takes, I will stop her for being tricked by Cubey!


Japanese title 前奏曲:魔法少女の暗黒の秘密!

(Prelude: The Dark Secret of the Magical Girls!)

Episode Information
Episode no. 10
Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo
Writers Ted Lewis, Gen Urobuchi
Airdate October 19 (USA)

TBA (Japan)

Languages English


Duration 24 Minutes
Studio SHAFT
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment

Magica Quartlet

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The Mermaid Knight Witch
Hilda's decision

Prelude is the 10th Episode of Magical Molly. It serves as the prequel of the series.

The Episode focuses on Hilda in her past life, before she learns the cold truth.


Hilda Adams, a shy and bashful young girl, discharged from the hospital after her treatment from the accident. One evening, she was attacked by a Witch’s minions, but she was rescued by 2 Magical Girls: Maria & Molly, and tells her the story about them becoming Magical Girls. After the Ultimate Clockwork Witch is defeated, Hilda decides to make a promise with Cubey, and becomes a Magical Girl. However, the dark secret is slowly unlocking in front of Hilda’s eyes…

Characters Appearing

  • Main Characters
    • Hilda Adams
    • Molly Kelley
    • Maria Thompson
    • Sabrina Mickey (Timeline 3)
    • Kacey Stevens (Timeline 3)
  • Others
    • Miss Kazuko
    • Cubey

Censorships/Changes from the Original Episode

This Episode's edits are pretty kinda sloppy. I guess they have spared this Episode, despite the censorship made...But, this is seriously the most darkest Magical Molly Episode. EVER.

English Version

  • The deaths from this Episode is Heavily Edited:
    • Mami's & Madoka's death from timeline 1 is altered: Adding grunts to their deaths.
    • The scene that the soul gem is destroyed is "redone", and it's referred as "sealing them forever".
  • Sayaka's fate for becoming a witch is dubbed as "sending Sabrina into the Dark Realm, never be seen again"
  • Homura's/Mami's weapon's sound effect is redone as beam sound effects.
  • Madoka is referred as "Princess of the Magical World" rather than being a human to a Magical Girl.
  • The following scenes are deleted (for some, or any neither reasons):
    • The scene that the students doing the sports.
    • Homura making explosives.
    • A scene of Kreimheld Gretchen Towering.
    • Homura stealing weapons from the Yakuza gang/Military bases.
  • Kyubey's pieces are white, as usual.

Continuity Errors

  • How that Homura gets the weapons is completely unexplained.
  • At the end of the episode, the injured Kyubey on Madoka's lap remains his small flesh scratches, unlike the 1st Episode, that his injuries are edited.

Japanese Version

  • The Japanese version, rather than simply being a censored version of the original episode, surprised many fans by explaining the in-universe creation of Magical Molly! itself. In this dub, the earlier parts of the episode are identical to the original Madoka Magica version, with no censorship and name changes, but at one point Homura accidentally causes a splinter timeline that creates 4Kids' Magical Molly! universe. This plot point uses newly added scenes of Homura meddling in 4Kids' affairs, and introduces the in-universe children's anime Rocket Monsters.


  • Madoka's transformation into a Magical Girl is added in the Episode. The scene is mostly reused from PMMM: Portable.
  • After the 4kids dubbed Episode, the trailer of PMMM: The Rebellion Story trailer is played, in Japanese language & English Subtitles. It also marks the delay of the 11th & 12th Episodes.
    • However the encore telecast of the 1st Episode of Date A Live is aired instead.

『劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 新編 叛逆の物語』予告編

PMMM: The Rebellion Story Trailer

  • The Episode's Airdate is October 19. So that means The Rebellion Story premieres next Saturday in Japan.

Episode releases

  • The episode is released along with Episode 9 in the 5th Volume of the DVD.

Japanese Version:

前奏曲:魔法少女の暗黒の秘密!(Prelude: The Dark Secret of the Magical Girls!)

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