Pretty Rhythm Future Dream is CureKanade's first Pretty Rhythm series.

It's sequel will be Pretty Rhythm Ultra Magic.


Pretty Rhythm Future Dream Episodes
Ten years after Pretty Rhythm Dear my Future, a fourteen year old girl named Mana Hanasaku, is scouted to become a prism star. Along the way she meets two more girls and forms a group called Wishing. Will Wishing defeat their rival team Dove? Or will they meet their end before they even started?



Mana Hanasaku

Mana is a cheerful fifteen year old girl who loves ice skating. She hates bullies and is very popular and acts a lot like Eri's older sister.

Eri Yotsuba

Eri is a clumsy thirteen year old girl who dreams of becoming a famous ice skater. She is also shy and looks up to Mana.

Yuki Ayase

Yuki is a rude sixteen year old girl and is the eldest of the group. She is also distant from the younger girls and is a very good song writer.


Karen Endo

Karen is the leader of Dove. She is a kind girl and hates being betrayed. She looks up to MARs and wishes to be just like them.

Mai Katsuko

Mai is Karen's cousin and wants to be the best Prism Star on Earth. She is the eldest of the group at the age of seventeen.

Maki Tayori

The youngest member of Dove. She becomes friends with Eri but later on betrays her and hurts Eri's ankle on purpose.