Pretty Rhythm Idol Dream! ( プリティーリズム·アイドルドリーム! Puriti Rizumu Aidoru Dorimu!) is a new fan serie made by MikuHatsune145. It was released on 15.June.2014.


Ringo is a fresh girl, who loves idols and Prism Shows, she is fascinated by the clothes, the dance,the Prism Stars...She is a big fan of Amou Juné, she find her beautiful and talented, she wish one day to be like her. She love fashion, she really love remaking clothes, add accessories, or make a good coordination with different style of clothing, her mother was a stylist of famous Prism Stars when she was young but her mother was trying to be a part of the Prism Shows, she made it but when she had Ringo she was forced to stop and disappear when Ringo was 3rd years old. She live with her father in a little apartment, her room is small but she has a big fashion atelier and a big dressing, her father is sad without Ringo's mother but he is glad to have Ringo for supporting him, and was doubted to if Ringo being involved on Prism Shows she will finish like her mother. Ringo meet at the Prism Idol School, Midori and Cherry, they love Prism Shows too and are for time being Prism Mates. They form a unit laterly and become friends, their unit is called Arc-En-Ciel ( アルカンシエル Arukanshieru) but Ringo as a rival,Niki Tsukino,she is the best student of the Prism Idol School and the rival of Ringo. Ringo at the end was in the way to become Prism Queen but Niki beat her 10 karats more than her but Niki who was always dreaming to beat Ringo, renounce and give her place to Ringo, she was sacred Prism Queen and she find her mother at the very end and she remarry her father.


Prism Stars

  • Ringo Yumekanji
  • Theme color: Apple Red
  • Prism Mascot: Aka
  • Type: Sexy
  • Prism Dress: Sexy Idol Dress
  • Image Song: Adult Secret
  • Prism Stone Brand: Red Apple
  • Her Prism Miracle is the Fashion Miracle.

Ringo is a fan of fashion and of Amou June, she love to remake clothes or adding accessories and make good coordinations with different style of clothes, she can make a Fashion Miracle with her mascot Aka,a flying black and red cat who also love fashion. Ringo was one day surfing on the net when she find an announce who was saying than the Prism Idol School are recruting new students, the Prism Idol School is the "evolved" version of Prism Stone, the director of the Prism Idol School is Miyuki Nijishizuku an ancient Prism Star. She known Ringo's mother, they formed a unit together and was the best Prism Unit. Ringo has a rival: Niki Tsukino, she is one of the best student and is in the best ranking of idols, she was facing with her when she was passing the audition for being a student of the Prism Idol School. She was wearing a rare coord, the coord her mother was wearing when she was a Prism Mate, she was didn't notice it but Ringo's Star Aura was shining brilliantly,more shining than Niki's one and her dress was sparkling and she realize a Prism Miracle a rare Prism Jump who consiting at make a Prism Jump who is more higher than a normal jump and is more powerful and she gains wings beautiful red wings. She win the audition and beat Niki with 20345 karats but at the Prism Queen Cup Niki wins with a full score but the score of Ringo was not determined and she give up her place and Ringo was sacred Prism Queen. When she was the Prism Queen her mother comes back after so many years and she re-marry her father and later Ringo's family was complete.

  • Midori Kudokawa
  • Theme color: Fluo Green
  • Prism Mascot: Midori
  • Type: Pop
  • Prism Dress: Pop Idol Dress
  • Image Song: Neko Neko Mimi!
  • Prism Stone Brand: Fruit Rainbow*
  • Her Prism Miracle is the Song Miracle.

Midori is a cheerful,kind and happy-go-lucky girl,she love cats and sometimes spend for them,she has a cat ears-like hairstyle and she three cats un her house. Her catchphrase is Purrfect! ( パーフェクト Parufekuto!) and sometimes say ~Nya! She is a good singer,she love singing,its her strong point and she is also gifted for make cakes,she is also at the Prism Idol School and is at the Prism Mates grade along with Ringo and Cherry. Midori also don't like Niki,because she is selfish and pretentious,she is the best for sininging and Niki is jealous of it,she is always trying to spoil Midori,Ringo and Cherry's shows but if they combine together they can surpass Niki's plots. Midori is is an handed and skilled girl,she can climb hight towers and always have the good reflexes,one day she save a cat from a car and adopt him.

  • Cherry Sakura
  • Theme color: Candy Floss Pink
  • Prism Mascot: Pinky
  • Type: Feminine
  • Prism Dress: Feminine Idol Dress
  • Image Song: Candy Land
  • Prism Stone Brand: Sweet Ribbon
  • Her Prism Miracle is the Dancing Miracle.

Cherry is a shy,discreet and reserved girl,she is really discreet and is afraid to show her in public, she is nervous when she is before lot of peoples and start crying when she scent than she will never forget her shyness. Her parents know tham Cherry is an excellent dancer and want her to register at the Prism Idol School,when she was trying to dance,she was afraid to be on stage and was forced to remake the audition. Ringo and Midori,try to help Cherry to leave her shyness and help her for the audition,and when she pass it for the second time,she succeed the audition due to the help of them. They are in the same room together and are really good friends,and they form a unit together,Cherry is skilled for dancing,she is the "choregraph" of the unit,Midori is the compositor of the group and Ringo the creator of the costumes. Cherry love dancing its her passion,she love. ballet,twist,valse,tango or other dances,she dance since she is small and is her passion or her hobby.

  • Marisa Amou
  • Theme color: Yellow
  • Prism Mascot: Kiiro
  • Type: Star
  • Prism Dress: Star Idol Dress
  • Image song: Flying to the Heaven
  • Prism Stone Brand: Heaven Gold
  • Her Prism Miracle is the Skating Miracle.

Marisa is the cousin of Amou Juné,she was in France when Juné leave France for being a Prism Star on Japan and own Dear Crown,she admire Juné,she is fascinated by her and want to be like her. She moved to Japan when she was 15th years old,she is with Juné and Juné learn her the threads of Prism Shows,she is training hard for being at the same level with her. She start to be good and skilled for ice skating,her Prism Miracle is the Skating Miracle because she is the most skilled for skating. So she decided to become a Prism Stars and register at the Prism Idol School,she become popular and some persons spend her for Juné,same Ringo who is a fan of Juné. She become friend with Ringo,Midori and Cherry and she finally become a part of "Arc-En-Ciel" ,Juné was proud of her cousine and she is glad than Marisa can realize her dreams. Marisa help Ringo,Midori and Cherry for being more skilled with ice-skating,she is also good for make-up: she know everything about cosmetics especially for nail polish and make-up the face. She is also a rival of Niki,who is jealous of her incredible skills for ice-skating,and one day try do spoil one of her shows in hide her shoes with the skate,but Marisa improvised and succeed her show.

  • Emylie Yasashi
  • Theme color: Light Purple
  • Prism Bascot: Buki
  • Type: Lovely
  • Prism Dress: Lovely Idol Dress
  • Image song: Let's Dance!
  • Prism Stone Brand: Girly Star
  • Her Prism Miracle is the Modeling Miracle.

Emylie is a cute,sweet and kind girl,who loves modeling and was really popular in magazines,she really like cute things and like decorating things like Prism Stones or accessories like ribbons. She is a active girl who likes to decorate things like her Prism Stone to make them more cute,she really loves rabbits,cakes and fruits (especially the grape),she is very social and friendly and likes to sing. She is also a fan of Prism Shows and was inspired by Mion Takamine,she is a fan of her and want to be like her,so she takes her courage and decided to register at the Prism Idol School and try to be better as a Prism Star.


  • Aka

Aka is a black cat with red eyes who wear a white collar with a red ribbon decorate by a golden heart with a ruby who resemble to an apple. She always finish her sentences by ~Ai!. She can transform into an golden heart-like apple with a heart ruby hair corsage,worn by Ringo.

  • Midori

Midori is a flugo green cat with green lime to lemon yellow eyes,she wear a grape and strawberry bracelet in her right wirst and an orange,banana and lime bracelet in the left one. She always finish her sentences by ~Mi!. She can transform into a mini green grape headband with at the middle sliced orange,lime, blueberries,strawberries and an apple,worn by Midori.

  • Pinky

Pinky is a pink poodle dog with pink eyes,she wears a cherry blossom corsage with at the bottom cherries and an heart at the middle of it. She always finish her sentences by ~Pi!.


Red Apple

Its a sexy-type brand of Prism Stones,with lots of roses prints,feminine clothes and a lady and adult like brand. It main user is Ringo.

Known Coords

  • Lady Rose Coord - The coord worn by Ringo during episode 07.
  • Jewelry Coord - The coord worn by Ringo during episode 11
  • Rose Print Coord - The coord worn by Ringo in episode 16.
  • Sun Ruby Coord - The coord worn by Ringo in episode 24.
  • Pure Rose Wedding Coord - A pretty rare stone of Red Apple.
  • Pure Lady Coord - A rare stone of Red Apple.
  • Lady Like Coord - A pretty rare stone of Red Apple.
  • Adult Ageha Coord - A normal stone of Red Apple.

Fruit Rainbow*

Its a pop-type brand of Prism Stones,with lots of fruits motifs,rainbows and vivid colors brand. It main user is Midori.

Known Coords

  • Tutti Frutti Coord - The coord worn by Midori in episode 06.
  • Juicy Banana Coord - The coord worn by Midori in episode 09.
  • Pop Soda Coord - The coord worn by Midori in episode 14.
  • Double Rainbow Coord - The coords worn by Ringo and Midori in episode 18.
  • Triple Color Coord - The coords worn by Ringo,Midori and Cherry in episode 19.
  • Happy Smile Coord - A normal stone of Fruit Rainbow*.
  • Happy Strawberry Coord - A rare stone of Fruit Rainbow*.
  • Tropical Fruits Coord - A pretty rare stone of Fruit Rainbow*.

Sweet Ribbon

Its a femine-type of Prism Stones,with lots of many ribbons,and is a really feminine.

Known Coords

  • Feminine Ribbon Coord - The Coord worn by Cherry in the episode 15.
  • Festival Ribbon Coord - The Coord worn by Cherry,Ringo and Midori in the episode 19.
  • Floral Coord - The Coord worn by Cherry and Emylie in the episode 23.
  • Floral Ranch Coord - A rare prism stone of Sweet Ribbon.
  • Checked Ribbon Coord - A rare stone of Sweet Ribbon.
  • Angel Heart Coord - A normal stone of Sweet Ribbon.
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