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A Transformation! A Meeting! And True Love is the first episode of The New Beauty And The Beast! Princess Beauty Rose!

A Transformation! A Meeting! And True Love
Japanese title 変身!会議!そして真の愛
Episode Information
Episode no. 1
Languages Japanese
Duration 22
Studio Toei
Distributor Toei


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A long time ago, there lived a prince who was turned into a beast for being selfish and mean.  The only way to break the curse was for him to find true love.  He spent many years alone in his castle.  But then one day, a man stole a rose from the beast’s gardens.  He had stolen the rose to give to his daughter “Beauty”.  The beast saw this and got angry.

He told the man that Beauty would come live with him forever or he would be put in the castles prison.The man went home and told his daughters what had happened.  Beauty left without permission to go live with the beast to save her father.

Over time, she found that the beast actually had a kind and gentle heart.  They were starting to fall in love.  She went back home to visit her family for a short period of.  But she stayed too long and the beast started to die.Fortunately, she returned just in time to save the beast.  

She told the beast that she loved him, he said he loved her too.  Their love was strong and true, for now the curse was broken.  He was a human prince once again.  They were soon married and were as happy as can be.

They lived happily ever after in Fairy Tale Land.  Their happiness ended when Evil End attacked. They have now fallen to Earth and been separated.  Though true love may reunite Beauty and The Beast once again.

A 16 year old girl wakes up from a beautiful but strange dream.  Her name is “Stephanie Belle Espoir”.  She has shoulder length light brown hair and golden yellow eyes.  Her 18 year old sister “Emma” holds an alarm clock in front of her that says 9:00 am.  She says, “OH NO, I am going to be so late for school”.  Emma says, “You sure are”.  Within 5 minutes, she is dressed and ready for school.  

She is wearing a yellow t-shirt and blue jean skirt with red sneakers.  She is soon running out the door.  As she runs out the door of her building and past the door man, she suddenly realizes something.  She then yells out, “Wait A Minute, It’s Saturday”.It is the 2nd Saturday of April 2010.

It is her 16th birthday today.  She lives in Upper East Side New York.  She comes through the door to see Emma standing in the living room with other sister “Lucy”, who is 17 years old.  They are laughing at her because she fell for their prank.  She tells her dad what her sisters did, but luckily they say sorry and she forgives them, so nobody gets in to trouble. Around 10:00, she grabs her purse and leaves to go do some shopping.  

She first goes to the book store.  As she looks through the books, she suddenly sees “Roger Bete Douce”.  He has dark brown hair and blue eyes.  He is one of most popular guys in school and also a great athlete.  She thinks to herself about how she can’t stand the popular kids, she decides to just ignore him.

While she looks at the romance novels she suddenly trips on a fallen book.  She falls into someone’s arms.  She looks up to see that it is Roger.  She pushes herself out of his arms.She says, “Hey, Why did you do that”, her tells her, “It was you who fell”.  She asks him, “You didn’t have to catch me you know”.  He replies, “Sorry for being a gentle men Little Miss Clumsy”.  She then says, “How dare you call me clumsy Mr Sports Star”.  He then says, “You are in the news paper club I hear”.  “What do you care, you are just a typical stuck up selfish popular kid I know”, she said.  “What do you know about me, you don’t know anything about me”, he says and runs away.  She thinks, “Maybe I was too harsh to him”.She gets home around 12:00, and changes into a golden party dress with red ballet flats.

She spends the afternoon celebrating her birthday with her family.  30 minutes before sunset, they leave to go to a restaurant for dinner.  But her sisters play one of their tricks and she misses both the limos.  So she decides to take the subway, but she takes the wrong one and ends up in central park.As she walks around the park, she suddenly sees someone coming and hides in some bushes.

She hears growling and sees that it is a wolf-man like beast old fashion clothes.  Still hiding in the bushes, she sees people dressed like a SWAT team trying to catch the beast.  She wishes she could help the poor beast who refuses to fight back.  Suddenly she feels a power awaken within her and transforms.

She is now wearing a golden dress that has a front chest bow and back bow of gold with red rose brooches and poufy skirt that is knee length with lots of frills and red roses along the bottom.  Her shoes golden high heels with golden ribbons that go up to the knees and red roses on the shoe tip.  Her gloves are golden and elbow length with a red rose and golden ribbon on the arm and elbow.  She is also wearing a golden tiara, gold chocker, and gold earrings, all with red roses.  Her hair is now brown with red and gold highlights tied in a ponytail.  Her eyes are pink.

She then reveals herself and announces, “The Beauty And The Beast Is Considered one of the world’s greatest and most beloved fairytale! A story about how strong true love is! I am Princess Beauty Rose”.  She then fights the bad guys, she is able to chase them off.  She then goes up to the beast and asks, “Are you ok”.  He answers her, “Yes I am, Thank you for helping me”. She then says, “Your welcome, my pleasure”.  They start staring at each other.  


  • Stephanie Belle Espoir / Princess Beauty Rose
  • Roger Bete Douce / The Beast
  • Emma
  • Lucy


  • This is the first episode of Princess Beauty Rose.
  • This episode features the first appearances of the main characters.
  • The episode leaves off with a cliff hanger.
  • Princess Beauty Rose is awakened for the first time.