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Prismatic Star Company is a multinational conglomerate in America.


Prismatic Star Laboratory

Ina Samejima is the laboratory director for the Research and Development labratory.


  • Prism Stage is where everyone can dance what they desired without there ice skates for as long as they can.
  • PriHeart - It changes your Prism Live instrument to a different one temporarily.
  • Prism Microphone is Prism Stars version of Pripara Performance Microphones.

Items from Canon Shows

  • PriTicket which allows you to PriChange your appearance to anything you want your appearance to be before doing a Prism Show and the PriTicket does Friend Tickets.
  • Cyalume Charm from Pripara where in this universe it can create Rinks to do the shows like how the Jewel Pact Create Stage from Prichan.
  • PriChan -it's from Kiratto Prichan but in Pretty Rhythm it's for Prism Stars, not Idols and you don't have to enough likes for a video to perform a Prism Shows as they allow and Every time a Prism Star performs a video of their performance go on their Pretty☆Channel and if they form a group their videos will go on their respective own Pri☆Channel. They don't need to get a top view of their video to perform which means they can put videos up of their Prism Shows whenever they want and put up normal videos as well. Prichan has a app.
  • PriTama Go - it from Kiratto Prichan but in this universe it can does Prism Outfit Changer which they can switch to different outfits of their choosing.
  • Idol Watch from Pripara in this universe allows people to visit PriMagi which is where mascots can become Prism Stars.



  • I like the items and the locations from the other Pretty Series beside Pretty Rhythm and I would like to see them in Pretty Rhythm so I decided to create this location to imagine what it would be like if they existed in Pretty Rhythm.
    • PriTicket and PriChange are from Pripara but with a few difference like they are in, they’re Pretty Rhythm version.
    • Prichan and PriTama Go are from Kiratto Prichan but with a few difference like they are in their Pretty Rhythm version.
    • Prismatic Star Laboratory is like Pretty Radio Laboratory and Kagayaki Cooperation from Kiratto Prichan combine but with a few differences.
    • PriMagi is from Waccha Primagi.