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Prismatic Star Laboratory is a research and development laboratory that is apart of a conglomerate in America called Prismatic Star Company.

Ina Samejima, the laboratory director is actually good friend with Prism Goddess and often speak to her.


Items from Canon Shows

  • PriTicket which allows to PriChange your appearance to anything you want your appearance to be before doing a Prism Show and the PriTicket do Friend Tickets.
  • Cyalume Bracelet which allows doing Cyalume Change and Cyalume Fairy like the Cyalume Charm from Pripara and it can create Rinks to do the shows like how the Jewel Pact Create Stage from Prichan.
  • PriChan - it's from Kiratto Prichan but in Pretty Rhythm it's for Prism Stars, not Idols and you don't have to enough likes for a video to perform a Prism Shows as they allow and Every time a Prism Star perform a video of their performance go on their Pretty☆Channel and if they form a group their videos will go on there respective own Pretty☆Channel. They don't need to get top view of there video to perform which means they can put videos up of there Prism Shows whenever they want and put up normal videos as well. Prichan has its own app.
  • PriTama Go - it can also anyone to do Prism Outfit Changer which they can switch to different outfits of there choosing.
  • PriHeart - It changes your Prism Live instrument to a different one temporarily.
  • PriMagic which is where mascots can become Prism Stars.

Prismatic Star Laboratory Universe

Prismatic Star Laboratory is from an alternative universe from PRDMF universe and PRRL universe. In that universe the Prism Voice from Pripara exist there. Prism Star agencies also have studios and shops for Prichan like Prism Stone from Kiratto Prichan etc.

The brands from the other Pretty Series franchise exist in this universe as well as each of them have there own shop.



  • I like the items and the locations from the other Pretty Series beside Pretty Rhythm and I would like to see them in Pretty Rhythm so I decided to create this location to imagine what it would be like if they existed in Pretty Rhythm.
    • PriTicket and PriChange are from Pripara but with a few difference like they are in, they’re Pretty Rhythm version.
    • Prichan and PriTama Go are from Kiratto Prichan but with a few difference like they are in their Pretty Rhythm version.
    • Prismatic Star Laboratory is like Pretty Radio Laboratory and Kagayaki Cooperation from Kiratto Prichan combine but with a few differences.