Puzzle Paradise will [hopefully] keep you coming back each week as it airs to place the pieces together to the unsolved mysteries. --Koizumi Daisy, Puzzle Paradise announcement

Puzzle Paradise
(Pazuru Paradaisu)
DirectorKoizumi Daisy
StudioToei Animation
NetworkKoizumi Anime
Original Run2016 - ?
Opening Song--
Ending Song--
Puzzle Paradise (パズルパラダイス Pazuru Paradaisu?) is an upcoming 2016 fantasy anime directed by Koizumi Daisy. It will be the first of her Toei works and one of the first anime to air on the new network, Koizumi Anime. It is speculated to begin airing in Winter - Spring of 2016.


On Earth it was a time of peace, happiness, and joy. Everyone worked hard to keep Earth this way. However, things take a drastic turm when an evil force attacks Earth. Anyone would assume a superhero would come save the day, but these ones are... young children? With their new powers, they must prorect the world they live in and defeat the forces of evil! But what are all these questions left behind?




Supporting Characters

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Puzzle Paradise's idea was originally created on June 12, 2015. On June 27, Daisy announced the series along with the other anime that would air on Koizumi anime. She revealed the plot of the story, and said it is in very, very early stages, so it would be a while until it releases.

Episode List

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