Queen's Deck! Pretty Cure
(Kuīnzu Dekku! Purikyua)
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Queen's Deck! Pretty Cure (クイーンズデック!プリキュア Kuīnzu Dekku! Purikyua?) is FairySina's first Pretty Cure season on this wiki. This season's themes are card suits. The Cures appear to have similar alter egos as the Cures from Doki Doki Pretty Cure but are still different.


The Story of Queen's Deck! Pretty Cure, starts with the Five-Suit Kingdom. It shows the Castle of the Kingdom and the Queen sending four little Fairies of Suits, to find the legendary warriors Pretty Cure. She feared, a evil power could come and attack the worlds.

The Fairies arrive in a town called Shishiki, where the young and shy girl, named Sekishin lives with her family and her best friends. She found a old Color Deck in the basement of their house. Later on the day, she met the fairy of hearts; the little warrior Lahiree. With Lahiree's powers, Bara transform into Cure Cœur to defeat a Apoca.



Sekishin Bara (赤心バラ Sekishin Bara?)
Voiced by: Oki Kanae ♥
Bara is the shy but very talented leader of this team. Bara is often too shy to talk to others. She keeps spending time with her friend Suzu. Suzu is also Bara's "protector", who tries to help her as much as she can. Her alter ego is Cure Cœur (キュアクール Kyua Kūru?), the Cure of hearts and light.

The red card of light! Full of hearts! Cure Cœur!

Jikane Suzu (地鐘スズ Jikane Suzu?)
Voiced by: Inoue Marina ♦
Suzu is a very cheerful and kind girl, who is Bara's best friend. She tries to help Bara and protect her, if it's needed. Suzu likes being outside, of course, with her best friend, Bara. Her alter ego is Cure Bell (キュアベル Kyua Beru?), the Cure of diamonds and earth.

The blue card of earth! Full of Diamonds! Cure Bell!

Trèfle Rousseau (ルソー トレフル Rusō Torefuru?)
Voiced by: Nakaya Sayaka ♣
Trèfle is a famous, french idol, whose family just moved to the main lovation of this season. Her grandmother lives in Japan, so Tréfle is used to this language. She becomes very fast friends with Bara and Suzu. Her alter ego is Cure Clover (キュアクローバー Kyua Kurōbā?), the Cure of clubs and wind.

The green card of wind! Full of Clubs! Cure Clover!

Ikken Midori (一剣ミドリ Ikken Midori?)
Voiced by: Kotono Mitsuishi ♠
Midori is a nice an gentle young girl, who works at the Trump Café, which is owned by her family. She is often very busy and has only a few friends. Many people describe her as perfect, since she is good at almost everything she does. Her alter ego is Cure Leaf (キュアリーフ Kyua Rīfu?), the Cure of spades and ice.

The black card of ice! Full of Spades! Cure Leaf!


Lahiree (ラハイリ Rahairi?)
Lahiree is the fairy of hearts and Bara's partner.

Paladin (パラディン Paradin?)
Paladin is the fairy of diamonds and Suzu's partner.

Maree (マリー Marī?)
Maree is the fairy of clubs and Tréfle's partner.

Athene (アテネ Atene?)
Athene is the fairy of spades and Midori's partner.

Reine (レーヌ Rēnu?)


Omega (オメガ Omega?)
Omega is the main evil of this season.

Sensou (センソウ Sensō?)
Sensou is the first enemy, who appears in this season.

Shibou (シボウ Shibō?)
Shibou is the second enemy, who appears in this season.

Funsou (フンソウ Funsō?)
Funsou is the thrid enemy, who appears in this season.

Kikin (キキン Kikin?)
Kikin is the last enemy, who appears in this season.

Apoca (アポカ Apoka?)
Apoca's are the monsters of this season.

Other Characters

Sekishin Aya (赤心 アヤ Sekishin Aya?)
Bara's older sister, who moved to the other side of the town, since her new home is closer to her job's location.

Sekishin Nishi (赤心 ニシ Sekishin Nishi?)
Bara's father, who is very busy and appears not that often in the series.

Kitagawa Shinju (北側 シンじゅ Kitagawa Shinju?)
Bara's grandmother, who cares much about Bara.

Jikane Sora (地鐘 そラ Jikane Sora?)
Suzu's father, who owns a little restaurant.

Jikane Celine (地鐘 せりーぬ Jikane Serīnu?)
Suzu's younger sister, who can't move her legs so she needs all the help she can get.

Fleur Rousseau (ルソー フルール Rusō Furūru?)
Tréfle's mother, who traveled, together with her family to Japan.

Maxence Rousseau (ルソー マクサンス Rusō Makusansu?)
Tréfle's father, who traveled together with his family to Japan. Maxence is a very famous Fantasy Author.

Séraphine Rousseau (ルソー セラフィーヌ Rusō Serafīnu?)
Tréfle's older sister. She is the only member of the family, who stayed in France. Séraphine will get married in the middle of the season.

Hanami Élodie (花み エロディ Hanami Erodi?)
Tréfle's grandmother.

Ikken Akio (一剣ミ アキお Ikken Akio?)
Midori's younger brother.

Ikken Hachirou (一剣ミ ハチロウ Ikken Hachirou?)
Midori's father.



  • The Color Deck (カラーデック Karā Dekku?) is the main transformation item of the season. To activate it, the Cures need their Black Ace (ブラックエース Burakku Ēsu?) Card, their transformation speech is Princess Trump! Pretty Cure Ace of Spades!.
  • The Golden Queen Card (ゴールデンクィーンカード Gōruden Ku~īn Kādo?)s are powerful cards, who will appear later in the season.


  • Although all civilian given names of the Cures, except Tréfle's, are Japanese, all names are written in Katakana.
  • Queen's Deck! Pretty Cure has some similarities with another Anime; Mahou Shoujo Alumi:
    • Many, and in Mahou Shoujo Alumi all, names are wriiten in katakana.
    • In Mahou Shoujo, the villians are based on cards and in Queen's Deck! Pretty Cure, the Cures are based on cards,
  • The Cures' basic attacks are based on Hanafuda Cards[1].


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