Rebecca Nightshade is one of the main characters of the series: Magical Rebecca. Living an original life, Rebecca was surrounded by loving friends and family. One day, she encounters a mysterious girl named Maybelle Moonshine, and later that day, she saw Maybelle fighting a witch with orange hair.


Rebecca is a very social girl who has four normal friends but does get bullied a lot and has some trouble sticking up for herself.

Maybelle Moonshine - Even though Rebecca doesn't know Maybelle very well, she really wants to become her friends and has taken a liking for her.

Chloe - Rebecca's best friend.


Rebecca first appears as a cheerful, naïve girl who seems to always be happy, but underneath that smile of hers, she is actually quite shy who can make friends quite easily. She gets bullied a lot but her friends are always there to look out for her. She treats everybody with respect and is a very kind girl.

As a the magical girl, Magical Rebecca, she is strong hearted and stronger than she is as Rebecca Nightshade.


Meeting Maybelle

Magical Rebecca

"I will cure your Heart!"
- Magical Rebecca's catchphrase

Magical Rebecca is Rebecca's Magical Girl alter ego. She likes to kick and punch while fighting and is a whole lot more faster and flexible than she was a human.


  • Fairydust Special


In her normal form, Rebecca has pink mid-back hair that she keeps in two ponytails held up with red hair ties. Her casual wear consists of a green short sleeved waist length dress with knee length jeans, green strap-on shoes. 
Her school uniform consists of a white dress shirt under a loose fitting dark blue vest with a dark blue bow, a light navy pleated skirt that ends just above her knees, white socks, and brown shoes.

As Magical Rebecca, her stays pink but comes out of the two pigtails and grows a bit than goes in a side ponytail held up by a dark pale pink bow. Her outfit consists of a.....