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Rising Moon Pretty Cure!
ライジング ムーン プリキュア!
(Raijingu Mūn Purikyua!)
Director CureKanade
Network TV Kanade
Original Run 17 February, 2015
Episodes 50 Episodes

Rising Moon Pretty Cure! (ライジング ムーン プリキュア! Raijingu Mūn Purikyua!) is a Pretty Cure series created by CureKanade. The series motifs are light, darkness, night and romance.


Rising Moon Pretty Cure! Episodes


Pretty Cure

Yozora Madoka (夜空 まどか Yozora Madoka)/ Cure Moonshine (キュア ムーンシャイン Kyua Mūnshain) - Madoka is the main character of the series. She is anti-social and prefers being alone and likes to write or read adventure, fantasy, sci-fi or romance novels. She becomes more social when she meets Kirara and the mysterious Yoru. Madoka has a shy personality, but later she becomes more cheerful and fun to be with. She falls in love with Ibara Hayato and her alter ego is Cure Moonshine, the Cure of the Moon and her powers are based of moonlight and healing. Her standard signature colours are pink and purple.

Hoshina Kirara (星名 きらら Hoshina Kirara)/ Cure Sunlight (キュア サンライト Kyua Sanraito) - Kirara is a main character of the series. She is very popular with everyone in her class and with the lower and higher classes. She is very sporty, and prefers to look her best and perfect than read books. She has a cheerful personality, has a huge love for sweets and steak and she can be a bit selfish. Her alter ego is Cure Sunlight, the Cure of the Sun and her powers are based of sunlight and music. Her standard signature colours are yellow and white.

Himitsu Yoru (秘密 よる Himitsu Yoru)/ Secret Dusk (シークレット ダスクShīkuretto Dasuku) - Yoru is the mysterious character of the series. She tends to be very calm and serious and seems to disappear into thin air, making a few students believe she is a ghost. She is always seen holding an black umbrella that has black lace around the edges and can get angry really easily. She is revealed to be the princess of Moonlight Kingdom and her twin sister and parents have gone missing. Her alter ego is Secret Dusk, the Cure of Earth and her powers are based of weather and the universe. Her standard signature colours are sunset orange and black.

Moonlight Kingdom

Evening (イブニング Ibuningu)

Ibara Hayato (井原 はやと Ibara Hayato)