"Get them all!'

-The slogan of Rocket Monsters

Rocket Monsters is a fictional anime and video game franchise within the Japanese dub of Magical Molly! and the Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe in general. It bears some significance to the plot of said dub, and is a parody of Pokémon, possibly the most well-known series licensed by 4Kids Entertainment.

Appearances in Magical Molly! (Japanese dub only)Edit

In Episode 10, Homura Akemi from the original Madoka Magica series is chasing down a witch. During the hectic chase, she happens to pass through New York, where 4Kids Entertainment's headquarters are located. There, an unnamed male 4Kids employee is about to license Rocket Monsters by replying to an email on his laptop, but while Homura is rushing by, she knocks over his cup of hot coffee, spilling it on his computer. This causes the computer to malfunction and make him license Puella Magi Madoka Magica instead, which starts off the events of the series.

In a newly added scene in the final episode, Tatsuya Kaname can be seen watching Rocket Monsters.

Appearances in other Madoka Magica/Magical Molly! mediaEdit

In a spinoff manga, it is revealed that Kyoko Sakura is a fan of Rocket Monsters and enjoys playing their video games. Mami questions her on her childish tastes. Kyoko replies that she grew up with the series, and mistook Kyubey for a Rocket Monster when she first met him.

Magical Molly! Comic seriesEdit

A cardboard cutout of the main character is displayed at a video shop.

One-shot mangaEdit

A one-shot manga depicting an episode of Rocket Monsters was released in an issue of Manga Time Kirara Magica. It depicts the series as if 4Kids had dubbed it, and therefore uses American-style English names.

The manga depicts the main character, Ask Ketchup, and his trusty Rocket Monster pal Sparklemouse, traveling across the land and capturing wild Rocket Monsters. Ask encounters a Dragonflare and fights against it with Sparklemouse. In the end, Dragonflare wins, but Ask then encounters the Missile Gang, who capture Sparklemouse. With Dragonflare's help, Ask manages to send the Missile Gang flying and rescue Sparklemouse. Dragonflare decides to join Ask's team out of their newly forged friendship.

The scene then cuts to Sayaka Miki and Kyoko Sakura, who were watching the episode (dubbed in English) on a laptop. Kyoko complains about the English dubbing and name changes, while Sayaka says that it felt a bit weird but fun watching a foreign version of a show from her childhood.


  • Rocket Monsters uses the same R-for-P replacement in its name (from "Pocket Monsters") as "Rocky", Kyoko's favorite snack.
  • In the one-shot manga, Kyoko appears to be cosplaying as the female trainer from Pokémon Black and White, named Touko in Japanese and Hilda in English. Coincidence?
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