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Sabrina's Despair
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"It feels a little dusty in here...did I just go though a chimney while I was rampaging?"
Japanese title 究極の絶望 (The Ultimate Despair)
Episode Information
Episode no. 7
Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo
Writers Gen Urobuchi
Airdate TBA
Languages English


Duration 22 Minutes
Studio SHAFT
Distributor 4kids Entertainment

Magica Quartlet

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The Fight
The shocking truth

Sabrina's despair is the 7th episode of Magical Molly!.


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Censorships/Changes from the original episode(s)[]

  • The scene that Kyubey demostrates Sayaka's pain kept in the soul gem is somehow toned down.
  • There are some scenes omitted uring a conversation between Kyouko & Sayaka:
    • Their arrival to the old abandoned church.
    • Kyouko's flashback.
    • The angel in one of the gothic windows of Kyoto's dad's old church.
  • Sayaka's fight with Elsamaria is "toned down", removing the blood spilled from the witch. The censorship somehow homages to the TV Broadcast version of the original series.
  • The Ultimate Clock Witch is also referred as "The Great Witch", despite being unnamed in the entire dub.


  • The series' tone begins to darken since Episode 7 (Hope this won't scare the kids I guess).
  • Strangely, this is the first 4Kids dubbed Episode to show some emotions instead of staying bland.

Episode Releases[]

The episode is released in the 4th Volume of the Magical Molly DVD.


Japanese Version:[]

  • 究極の絶望 (The Ultimate Despair)

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