Sailor Starry

セーラー スターリー
Sērā Sutārī

TV Series information
Directed by Cure Honey
Writers Cure Honey
Episodes 52
Airdate May 12, 2014
Languages Japanese
Opening Theme Starlight Densetsu
Closing Theme Dear You
Studio Toei Animation
Original Run May 12, 2014 - May 4, 2015
Sailor Starry (セーラー スターリー Sērā Sutārī) is a Sailor Moon fanseries created by Cure Honey. It is to be 52 episodes long, premiering on May 12, 2014 with the themes of stars and elements.

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Sailor Starry Episodes

Light, fire, water, earth and air, put them together and you get elements. Well, on a planet there is a kingdom called Starry Kingdom, and in that kingdom are five girls who are princesses.The princess of light is protected by the other four princesses of fire, water, earth and air. But one day, an evil organization invaded the kingdom and killed the princesses, but Queen Hoshino used her powers one last time before going into a deep sleep to revive the girls as normal girls on Earth who will awaken as the Sailor Scouts when the five cats go down and awaken them.

On Earth fifteen years after the invasion of Starry Kingdom, Yozora Yua meets Shimmer, a pink cat from Starry Kingdom. Yua is suddenly forced into the world of magical girls and now has to fight has Sailor Starry if she wants to help Shimmer found the legendary star tiara if the Starry Kingdom is to be revived and Black Kingdom is to be defeated. Along with Natsuko Akane, Mizuki Aoi, Jimen Mion and Misora Fuko, Yua fights Black Kingdom for the Star Tiara and the revival of the Starry Kingdom and the princesses.


Sailor Scouts

Yozora Yua (夜空 ゆあ Yozora Yua)/ Sailor Starry (セーラー スターリー Sērā Sutārī)

Natsuko Akane (夏子 あかね Natsuko Akane)/ Sailor Flare (セーラー フレア Sērā Furea)

Mizuki Aoi (観月 あおい Mizuki Aoi)/ Sailor Stream (セーラー ストリーム Sērā Sutorīmu)

Jimen Mion (地面 みおん Jimen Mion)/ Sailor Bud (セーラー バッド Sērā Baddo)

Misora Fuko (美空 ふこ Misora Fuko)/ Sailor Breeze (セーラー ブリーズ Sērā Burīzu)


Shimmer (シマー Shimā)

Fire (ファイア Faia)

River (リバー Ribā)

Bloom (ブルーム Burūmu)

Sky (スカイ Sukai)

Black Kingdom

Starry Kingdom

Queen Hoshino (女王 ほしの Joō Hoshino)


Star Tiara (スター ティアラ Sutā Tiara)


Starry Kingdom (スターリー 王国 Sutārī Ōkoku)


  • Sailor Starry is very similar with the original Sailor Moon series and the Pretty Cure series.
  • Sailor Starry is Cure Honey first Sailor Moon fanseries.
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