Sakura (桜 Sakura) is one of Băo Lian's dragons. She is a female dragon and her element is nature, mostly flowers.


Sakura was Lián's first dragon, at first she was a baby dragon but like every spirit dragon, she grew up the same time as her master, becoming a majestuous dragon. With her brother, Lián learned how to give her dragons other forms with her magic, she gave Sakura the ability to transform into a human with a striking resemblance to herself. In her human form, Sakura is a shy and unsure of herself girl, she considers Lián's other dragons as her sisters. As her powers started grewing up, she grew more self-confidence in herself and shown the full extent of her powers, becoming a level 3 dragon. She has a huge knowledge about plants and magic as she can manipulate the two, she loves flying and likes seeing the world as a human. She sometimes uses her magical knowledge to help her "sisters" with their powers. Despite her shy nature, she sometimes acts like an older sister.


Dragon Form:

  • Level 1: In her first level state, she's a simple dragon with pink scales, green on her stomach and on the inside of her wings, she has green eyes and pink flower buds on her head.
  • Level 2: In her second level state, the flower buds on her head are bigger, there is three little green leaves on her tail, her wings starts looking like flower petals.
  • Level 3: In her powerfulest form, the buds have bloomed into beautiful pink flowers which have a horn, the leaves on her back are bigger. Her eyes are now lime-green/light pink colored, she has bright pink flower like drawings on her scales and is more big.

Human Form

Sakura looks like Lián in her human form, she wears a light/bright pink and white kimono with cherry-blossom patterns, she wears light pink printed kimono sandals. Her obi is orange and tied by a pink rope with a pink flower.


Sakura (桜 Sakura) is a japanese flower blooming on a cherry-tree. Lián named her like that because Sakura can manipulate flowers.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Chlorokinesis - Sakura can manipulate plants, nature and flowers, this allows her to do several things:
    • Plant Magic - She can mix magic and her chlorokinetic powers, she can cast spells and can do multiple attacks with her magic.
    • Chlorokinetic Constructs - She can create walls, weapons or foes with her chlorokinetic ability.
    • Chlorokinetic Combat - She can fuse her combat skills with her plants.
    • Toxigenesis - She can generate toxic gas from her flowers.
    • Sporakinesis - She can generate spores which can make her enemies fall asleep or can hypnotize them using these.
    • Plant Attacks - She can attack using plants.
    • Plant Communication - Sakura can communicate with plants and make them obey to her at her will. Or by touching plants or talk to them with telepathy.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - She's very skilled at fighting without her weapons, in her human form, she's skilled at martial arts.
  • Spirit Form - When she's in her dragon form, she appears as a spirit, in this form, she can still use her powers.
  • Flight - She can fly without or without her wings.


Sakurahana Scepter - A scepter infused with powerful magic which is Sakura's main weapon, it had low magic onto it at first but changed to a powerful weapon that can do many things.

  • Level 1 - A simple red baton with a cherry-blossom flower containing low magic to it, it has two gold ropes with a emerald hanging to it that serves for healing magic.
  • Level 2 - The baton of the wand has now an emerald (for healing), an amethyst and a sapphire (for cosmic magic) and a ruby and a citrine (for calling animal foes). The cherry-blossom now is on the top bottom of the baton and there is a pink flying orb. It has more powers than it first appearance.
  • Level 3 - The orb has now cherry-blossom petals floating around it, there is gems (the same on the baton) floating with the petals. Sakura has now two magic orbs the same of the baton. It has more magic than it two firsts forms.

Book of Draconic Magic - A book which contain powerful spells, it also has informations of weapons, legendary dragons and magical artifacts.

  • Level 1 - A simple pink book with cherry-blossom patterns, it contains basic spells and potions and not very much informations about magical artifacts.
  • Level 2 - It contains more spells and has gems incrusted on it, its magic is more powerful.
  • Level 3 - It has now a real cherry-blossom on top with a powerful magic infused on it, it has more magic, spells, potions and has informations about other powerful magics.


  • Favorite Foods: Sakura mochi, anpan, dorayaki, noodles, mocha cake.
  • Favorite Drinks: Earl gray, mocha.
  • Like her "sisters", she always qipaos or kimono.
  • She hates spiders and snake.
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