Samuel and Tamara
Episode Information
Episode no. 3
Directed by Keitaro Motonaga
Airdate TBA
Languages English
Duration 22 Minutes
Studio AIC+
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Samuel and the Super Being
Here comes Yarona
Samuel and Tamara is the 3rd Episode of Date A Live.


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Characters appearing in this EpisodeEdit

  • Samuel "Sid" Issac
  • Kallie Issac
  • Tamara
  • Henry Thomas
  • Octavia Tally
  • Reene Marian

Censorship/Changes made from this EpisodeEdit

  • The Japanese words from signs/blackboard are erased, as usual.
  • Some of the Japanese food are slipped out from editing.
  • The scene that Tohka and Shidou is welcomed to the town that Ratatoskr prepared is ultimately cut for unknown reasons.
  • Shidou's death is retooled (Blood removal, filling his injury hole).
  • The kiss is somehow edited.
  • Tohka's nude body is airbrushed.


  • Tamara refers herself as "Sir Tamara". No, seriously.
  • This Episode is one of the only three Episodes released in DVD.

Episode ReleasesEdit

The 3rd Episode (along with the 2-parter Pilot Episodes) is released in the 1st Volume of the DVD.

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