Satono Sayaka is the protagonist of Sugar Drop




Sayaka's outward appearence is the girlest of her friends. She has pale pink hair that curles at the end. Her bangs are parted to the left, and has white bows on each side of her head. Her eyes are a teal color.

Sayaka has a lot of outfit choices (according to her), but is most commonly seen in one of these. A black and white striped shirt, pastel apricot jeans and brown boots. A white tank top with a blue cardigan, a frilly pink skirt and black flats. A white pale polka-dot dress with pink thigh high socks and black flats Her winter outfit consists of a pale pink long shirt, black shorts, stripped socks, brown boots and a pink-red jacket. She can be seen sporting a white scarf.

In her Sugar Drop form, Sayaka wears a generally prince like top with puffy white sleeves, with pink flipped up cuffs. There's a base extensions that seperate into six tails. She also has a pink bow around her neck (that she finds a bit uncomfortable but gets used to) with an ordement that resembles her transformation item, pale pink frilly shorts, white gloves, black and white striped socks that go bast her knees and pink flats with abkle straps. Her eyes turn a sherbet pink, while her hair becomes pale blonde in a ponytail, held with a dark pink bow. It gives off a bubblegum vibe.

Her sleepwear is a pink tank top and a pair of yellow strawberry print pyjama pants. She was seen wearing a white cardigan over it.





Bubblegum DropEdit

Bubble Gum Drop (バブルガムドロップ Baburugamudoroppu) is the alter ego of Sayaka.


  • Pink Sugar Heart


Satono: (砂糖) means sugar while (の) means of

Sayaka: (さやか) meand clear or bright

Sayaka's alter ego name Bubblegum Drop 


  • Sayaka belives in the three o' clock fairy
  • Sayaka is the year of the dragon, but would prefer being year of the rabbit.
  • Sayaka's Sugar Drop form is based off the transformation outfit from Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu Love
    • Her hair idea and being bubblegum like, comes from Zoe's thought abiut the Dokidoki Pretty Cure's hair looked.
  • She's voiced by Misato Fukuen in the Japanese version, and Tia Ballard in the FUNimation dub.
  • Sayaka's favorite prince from Dream Prince is Haruki.


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