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 Seasons Change! Precure is a series created by IchigoUsagiHibiki. The themes are Seasons, Change, Nature.


One day Akiko Himawari finds a necklace with sun charm, she asks every one she knows if it was theirs, not finding the owner, she keeps the necklace for herself. What she doesn't realize is that Sunny left it there on purpose to find Precure, being she is in diere need to save her and 2 other fairies home to the Land of Seasons.


Pretty Cures

Akiko Himawari/ Cure Summer

Akiko has long black hair, half of it in two high buns, the rest in two low twintails, Honey yellow eyes. She is a leader type, also the goofball type as well, every one either loves her or hates her.Has a rather large sense of Justice. Her favorite season is Summer, loves making new friends, loves to eat, Favorite color is yellow. Her cure speech is "Bringer of Fire and Warmth, Cure Summer!" Her theme colors are Yellow and bright pink, yellow is the main color, and her attacks are fire based, Her transformation object is a necklace. Akiko means "Bright Child." Himawari means "Sunny spot, Warm place, sunflower."

Emi Himura/ Cure Autumn

Emi has Red has dark red hair that comes to her shoulders and curls in and a side part, Dark brown eyes. She is the secondary type, she is also the sporty type. She is pretty stubborn, very tomboyish, very competitave. Her favorite Season is the Autumn/Fall, Loves to play sports, Favorite color is red. Her Cure speech is "Bringer of WInds and Competition, Cure Autumn!" Her theme Colors are Red and Orange, Red being her main color, and her attacks are wind based, her transformation object is a Leaf shaped hair clip. Emi means "beautiful picture" Himura means "Scarlet Village".

Masami Yukimura/ Cure Winter

Masami has blue hair that fades to purple at the ends, going to midback if she lets it out, she usually wears it in a low side pony tail with a small loop at the top of the ponytail, violet eyes. She is the tsudere type, does not make friends easy, but when she does she does not let go, she loves cute things, but is embarssed when anyone finds out. Her favorite Season is Winter, has her own clothing line called Royal Snow, though no one knows, yet every one wears it. Favorite Color is Dark blue. Her Cure Speech is "Bringer of Snow and Love, Cure Winter!" Her theme colors are blue and white with hints of purple, her attacks are snow based, her transformation item is a bracelet with a snowflake charm. Masami means "Become Beautiful" Yukimura means "Snowy Village"

Sakura Koizumi/ Cure Spring

Sakura has light pink hair that she braid and loops on both sides of her head, lime green eyes. She is a ver mysterious girl, nobody knows much about her, other then she is painfully shy and she just transfered to their school, what the doen't know is that she is the popular idol Ai-chan that promotes Royal Blue, yet not even Masami know this. When she is in idol form her hair is pulled into high twintails, with lime green highlights, she becomes, the pop type, she also the mysterious Cure, who does not want to join the other three cures, She comes from The Land of Seasons, SHe is not a fairy though. Her favorite color is lime green, Favorite Season is Spring. Her Cure speech is "The Bringer Flowers and Grace, Cure Spring!" Her theme colors are Lime green and light pink, lime green being the main color, her atacks are cherry blossom based, her transformation objct is a headband with a chery blossom charm attached. Sakura means "Cherry blossom" Koizumi means "little spring"



She is a yellow cat with pink eyes and bows around her neck and tail. Ends her sentences -Nya


He is a gray mouse looking fairy, with orange eyes, loves cheese and ends his sentences with -deshu


She looks like a cute light blue stuffed bear with purple eyes and bows on both ears. ends her sentences with -rafu


She is a cute little white rabbit, with one lime green eye and one pink eye, she has a pink bow on one ear.



Not much is known about him, exept his attacks are mold based.


Same with her except hers are fungus based.