Secrets! Pretty Cure
(Himitsu! Purikyua)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunJuly 3, 2016 - June 25, 2017
Episodes49 episodes
Predecessor5 Starlights Pretty Cure★
SuccessorFriendships Pretty Cure!
Secrets! Pretty Cure is a series created by CureKanade. The theme is secrets.


Secrets! Pretty Cure Episodes
A young girl named Maka Kitai finds Shizuka hiding in a bush because she was hiding from Undercover. She protects Shizuka from Nusutto and transforms into Cure Future for the first time. Along with Cure Spy, Cure Blooming and Cure Guardian, they will help find the Secret Files and protect Earth and Secret Kingdom from Undercover.


Pretty Cure

Maka Kitai (期待 マカ Kitai Maka) is a member of the music club. She is best friends with Aiko and Chouko and likes playing the flute and helping people with everything. Her alter ego is Cure Future (キュア フューチャー Kyua Fu~yūchā), represents the power of light and her theme colour is pink.

Saguru Naimitsu (内密 さぐる Naimitsu Saguru) is a member of the soccer club and is the vice captain. She is cheerful and outgoing but can be serious and quiet sometimes. Her alter ego is Cure Spy (キュア スパイ Kyua Supai), represents the power of secrecy and her theme colour is blue.

Aiko Haga (芳賀 愛子 Haga Aiko) is a member of the gardening club. She's a tomboy with lots of energy who thinks with her mind more than fists. She tends to use her bike to get everywhere and gets up right before school to go running. She is calm and polite. Her alter ego is Cure Blooming (キュア ブルーミングKyua Burūmingu), represents the power of flowers and her theme colour is yellow and green.

Chouko Shirata (白田 チョーコ Shirota Chouko) is a very sweet, kind, caring, and smart. She is shy around boys. She seems to be a mother figure to freshmen and always listens to the problems of the younger students. Her alter ego is Cure Guardian (キュア ガーディアン Kyua Gādian), represents ice and love and her theme colour is purple and light blue.


Shizuka (シズカ Shizuka) is a quiet grey mouse-like fairy. She stays over at Maka's place and doesn't like ghosts. She gets scared very easily and she ends her sentences with "-desu".

Secret Kingdom

Nazo (謎 Nazo) is the princess of Secret Kingdom. She sent Shizuka down to Earth to find pretty cure so the secret files that disappeared off to Earth wouldn't be stolen.


No Name (名無しん Nanashin) is the leader of Undercover. He seals his name up so no one knows his name, not even his minions know his name.

Nusutto (盗人 Nusutto) is the first commander of Undercover to appear. She likes stealing stuff and annoying her twin brother Stole.

Stole (ストール Sutōru) is the last commander of Undercover to appear. He like collecting stuff that people hide from him and is Nusutto's twin brother.

Shita (下 Shita) is the monster of Undercover.


Jun Morita (森田 ジュン Morita Jun) draws comics of Pretty Cure. He's a member of the art club. He is one of the classmate in homeroom.




  • This is the first Pretty Cure series to have fraternal twins.