This is a category listing the episodes in Shining Link Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Villain Attack Air Date
01 Unmei - Seinaru Hikari, Rinku On!
運命 - 聖なる光、リンクオン!
"Fate - Holy Light, Rink On!"
Kuromi Peaceful Holy Shower TBA
Aira was just living her life as a normal fifteen year old when she meets a strange young girl known as Love. Before she knew it, she transforms into a Pretty Cure when a denizen of Dark Predators appears before them.
02 Mamoru - Rōn Hāto
守る - ローンハート
"Protect - Lone Heart"
Kuromi Peaceful Holy Shower TBA
Aira is all on her own in fighting against Dark Predators at the moment and has not a clue about what is going on. Until she discovers that she might be the only girl to protect her world from this enemy...
03 Akarui - Genki Taiyō
明るい - 元気太陽
"Bright - Energetic Sun"

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