Shiorisora Hime is the female lead of Queen's Court and the current queen of the Ivory Kingdom.


Her outward appearence looks pretty girly compared to her siblings. She has pale blonde hair that curles just past her shouldes. Her bangs are parted on the right side and sports a pale blue headband. Her eyes are a sherbet blue.

From episodes one to fifteen (excluding episode twelve), Hime wears a white button up shirt, with short sleeves that puff out. Over it she wears a blue vest and a indigo tie. She wears it with a dark blue skirt, dark grey socks and brown ankle boots.

From episodes sixteen to thirty (excluding episode eighteen and twenty-one), Hime wears a white blouse that goes over shoulders, and a pale blue tank top underneath it. She wears it with high waisted blue skirt that flares out, white and pale purple striped socks that go past her knees and dark blue shoes with ankle straps. Her headband is replaced with two pale blue bows on each side.

In episode twelve, Hime wears a pastel blue sleeveless victorian dress, with white frills underneath the skirt part of the dress. On the back of her dress is a pastel bow. Two white pieces of fabric rests from the dress to around her upper arm. On the front of the dress is a white bow. Her hair is curled, she wears pale blue heels, white gloves that go to her wrists and blue earrings.

In episode eighteen, Hime wears a blue speghetti strapped dress and a white short sleeved cardigan. She sports dark blue flats and dark blue bows in her hair on each side. When they went to the beach she wore a white and blue striped halter bikini top and blue ombréd shorts. She wears her hair in a ponytail.

In episode twenty-one, Hime wears a frilly buttond up short sleeved shirt under a frilly lolita-like blue skirt. She sports black and white cat socks and her black ankle shoes. She wears a blue bow on the back of her head. At one point in the series she wears her outfit from episode twelve.


Hime is caring, intelligent and stubborn but can be childish at times. She can be a bit impacient and headstrong. She often gets into stupid arguments with Kishi. Interestingly enough, when it comes to her family, she's the mature one of her siblings. Usually after sudden outbursts she often begrudgenly apologizes. She has a natural curiosity and intrest in things that take time to learn about. She can find weird things cute, which is often pointed out.


  • Shinsetsu Kishi - Kishi is one of the knights and protector of Hime. She has a crush on him, but never says it.
  • Shinsetsu Kokou - Kokou is the current king and one of her best friends. She usually comes to him when Kishi and her had a fight, but is oblivious to his crush on her.
  • Silver/Kurokumo Kyo - Silver is a doll that Hime becomes friends with. Even when she learns who Silver is, she stills stays friends with him. When she first learned of Kyo, she was generally scared of him but became friends with him.




As a child, Hime was an excellent chess player, he skills mached by no one, yet she had a falling out and isn't as good.




  • Hime puts sprikles in her hot chocolate.



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