"Happiness & Hope is the key to failure."
―Shirakami's main motto.
Shirakami Shimatsu
Kanji 白神始末
Age Unknown, probably 17
Gender Female
Race Magical girl

Nightmare/Witch Hybrid

Hair Color White
Eye Color Gold

Red/Blue/Pink/Yellow/Purple (When using modes) Lighting yellow (Nightmare form)

Personal Status
Relatives Ultimate Madoka
Occupation Magical Girl
VA (Japanese) Marina Inoue (JTTD Series)

Mie Sonozaki (current Magical Molly! media)

Shirakami Shimatsu is an eponymous protagonist in the series: PMMM: Journey Through the Decade. In the film, she serves as an antagonist in the second half of the movie.




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The beginning of her life as a Magical GirlEdit

Shirakami started from a ordinary 17-year-old woman, who saved a girl from a witch's barrier, and died. However she was saved by Ultimate Madoka (current timeline), and gives her a duty to save the other timelines (also known as Alternate Realities), and let Shirakami became a Magical Girl.Origin

Revival & First JourneyEdit

After her revival, Shirakami recieves her very first Soul Gem, and she does not remember her encounter with Ultimate Madoka.The Journey Begins

Abilities & PowersEdit

Her main weapon is the metallic gold-coated rifle, named "Destroyer of Worlds", which can transform into two modes: Rifle & Sword. The gun also had a symbol "VIII (Eight)" crafted on the gun's left. However, she also had multiple powers from other Puella Magi: like:

  • The 8 Puella Magi Powers:
    • Pink: Arrow & Bow
    • Purple: Time-manipulation
    • Yellow: Muskets/Ribbons/Tiro Finale
    • Blue: Swords/cutlasses
    • Red: Spear/Cloning
    • Grey: Vine-patterned Spheres
    • Pale Orange: Large, curved claws
    • Light Green: Healing Powers, Modified staff via Shirakami's will.
  • Temporarily Puella Magi Powers:
    • Orange: Nagisa Momoe's powers (currently unknown, temporarily replacement of Homura's powers.)
  • Other Puella Magi Powers:
    • Shining Light

She also has the ability to clean soul gems, however if she absorb too much grief, she would turn against her allies.


Half-Complete formEdit

She can activate them via her will power, The armor changes into a new one, and her chest armor changes too. The main 5 slots contain the soul gem symbols of Madoka, Homura, Mami, Sayaka, & Kyouko.

She also can summon the 5 girls, as soild holographs. They can attack the witches via command or their will. Shirakami can also use the ultimate power called "Trump Card Finisher", which commands the 5 Magical Girls (Along with her ultimate shot)  to finish of a witch with their attacks (for example: Madoka's ultimate arrow, Homura's multiple bazookas, Mami's Tiro Finale, and the KyouSaya Formation (which is the formation between Sayaka and Kyouko's sword & spear thrust)) in one time. This was similar to Kamen Rider Diend Complete Form's Final Attack Ride.

Complete FormEdit

If Shirakami had collected 8 Puella Magi powers, she can assume the ability called "Complete form".

Nightmare formEdit

This section may contain major spoilers!!!

Shirakami's new form in the upcoming movie, which was the result of her merging with the other Nightmares existed in the timeline. Her appearance is a white & sliver demon with sharp claw hands similar to Kirika's. However she retains her face from the human form. The form somehow resembles Wiseman from Kamen Rider Wizard. It was revealed that this new form is a Witch/Nightmare Hybrid.


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"I'll never truly believe in luck."
"You're...the girl I saw in my dreams!"
―Shirakami, encountering Madoka.
"And why I hate bitches like her..."
―Shirakami, starting to grew hatred at Sayaka's "Hero of Justice" altitude.
"Since you're only protect at a certain pink-haired girl with twintails, so that means you have a selfish personality?"
―Shirakami, cheerfully talking like Kyubey, which makes Homura's anger gauge rise up to the limit.
"Your selfishness can't change this world, WOMAN!"
―Shirakami to Homura, Which she spoils Homura's fate on the movie.
"I'm not responsible to any of your damages."
―Shirakami, unexpectedly created the most biggest lie...I mean the greatest personal quote.
"...don't waste my time."
―Shirakami, Which she really hate nuisances.
"What is wrong with you???"
―Shirakami, which the one she complains the most: Friendly fires.
"This (happiness) makes me sick."
―Shirakami, (somehow) showing her true colors.


NOTE: This Shirakami is not related to this fan series PMMM: JTTD.

Magical Molly! Action Figure SeriesEdit

  • Shirakami
    • Release Date: 2014
    • Wave: 3
    • Japanese ID Number: N/A
    • Accessories: 3 interchargable hands, Flintlock, Magic Combat Sword, Dark Orb (Japanese release)

Shirakami (Not this Journey Through the Decade one) is one of the characters chosen for the newest figure line by Hasbro/Max Factory.

She sports 14 points of Articulation, different than the previous 2 wave figures. Her accessories include a flintlock which she shot other Magical girls, and the combat sword she used to duel with Sabrina.

She was intended to have a Dark Orb accessory, but it was removed due to Safety Reasons. However the Japanese release includes the mini accessory. In later releases, the Dark Orb Accessory is made as a giveaway for some Hobby Shops who sold the figure.

The Japanese release had the title "Majou Shirakami (魔女白神)" for no reason.


  • She is a homage to the two characters: Ultraman Ginga & Rockman X, using multiple powers, and the parts change color corresponding to their forms.
  • Her costume bears a resemblance to the White Wizard from Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • Her name: Shirakami, is based on the two words: Shiro (White) & Kami (God), and her name Shimatsu, is based on the word: Beginning to the end.
  • Her face resembles Akemi Homura, as said by Ultimate/Normal Madoka.
  • It is unknown if she had a witch form, since she was a different type of Magical Girl.
    • Until her new form in the upcoming Movie.
  • It was speculated that she was the late Oriko Mikuni, because of her white colors & her prophet like clothes.
    • However this was false.
  • Her weapons from the other Puella Magi is based on Hanokage's weapon designs.
  • She is referred as:
    • "The White Time Saver", which is based on a 4kids Madoka Magica jab
    • "The White Wizard"
    • "The Mysterious White Puella Magi"
  • Her both forms (Nightmare, Magical Girl) from the movie is also similar to Sou Fueki, which he was both Wiseman & White Wizard.
  • Her bottom part of the Magical Girl outfit resembles the early production sketch of Akemi Homura.
  • In one of the omake manga strips, she was revealed to be tryphanophobic. However this isn't canon.

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