The Shine of a Star! Cure Star is Born! is the first episode of Sky Wings! PreCure!

The Shine of a Star! Cure Star is Born!
Japanese title エピソードの1つ星の光る!硬化スターが誕生!
Episode Information
Episode no. 1
Directed by CureSailorMoon1617
Writers CureSailorMoon1617
Languages Japanese
Duration 24 minutes
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Episode 2 A Sweetness Beyond Compare! Sweetie Pink is Born!


A kingdom known as the Sky Kingdom is under attack and it's two princess are hidden away when they are suddenly found. A prince from another kingdom come shows up just in time and protects them. The two girls then start praying and the three disappear in a flash of light.

A young girl then wakes up from a strange dream and gets ready for school.  The girl's name is Akiko Sukaisuta and she has a twin sister named Kayoko Sukaisutā.  After breakfest, the two walk to school together. At school during first period, Akiko gets a test back from the teacher with a mark of 60 on it.  During last period, she falls asleep on her desk and has the same weird dream again. She wakes up when the bell rings and heads home for the day.

She walks home alone after school as usuall because her twin sister is on the student council.  Suddenly something hits her on the head and when she looks to see what it is all she sees is a small glowing pink stone.  When she picks it up it suddenly merges with her but she thinks it just disappeared so she keeps walking.  

Then some weird lady shows up saying her name is Minikui and asks her for her power but Akiko tells the lady that she is weirdo and that she has no idea what she is talking about.  Minikui says that she better hand over the powers or face punishment.  Akiko says that she better leave her alone or else she is calling the police.  Minikui says she has no choice and summons fearsome monster from a lamp post.

Akiko is now wondering what is happening and starts running. She trips and is suddenly covered in a brilliant pink light, when the light dies down she has changed into a Pretty Cure.  She then says, " The Brilliant Shine in the Sky! Cure Star!", and gives the monster a good punch and then a kick.  She then shouts, "Brilliant Shinging Star", to send a beam of pink light at the monster and turns it back into a lamp post.

Minikui then says that she has no time for this and leaves in anger.  Akiko then turns back to normal and goes home.

Major Events


Akiko Sukaisutā / Cure Star

Kayoko Sukaisutā 



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