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Sugar & Spice Pretty Cure! (シュガー & スパイス プリキュア! Shugā & Supaisu Purikyua!) is the new Pretty Cure series that is created by CureKanade. The series airs on April 5, 2014 and the themes are spice, cooking, flowers and secrets.


Sugar & Spice Pretty Cure! Episodes

TV Asahi

One month before the story starts, Elderflower Kingdom had been invaded by an evil organization called Blandness who planned on stealing the Sugary Flower so they could destroy all flowers, sugar and spices in the universe. But Cure Clove had stopped them by stealing the flower.

However, a month later, Cure Clove could do nothing to save the kingdom from Blandness's second invasion but Queen Mint was able to hide the Sugary Flower on Earth somewhere.

Cure Clove had then traveled down to Earth with the two mascots, Cinnamon and Powder in search for four other Pretty Cure partner who would help her find and protect the Sugary Flower. In Hanabira City, she meets Hanai Kaori who knows everything about Pretty Cure and can even transform into Cure Jasmine without Cure Clove's help!

Together Cure Clove known as Chōji Rue on Earth, and Kaori begin their adventure on collecting the three missing Cures and finding the Sugary Flower.

A new adventure fulls of secrets and flowers will keep your heart wishing for more!

Toei Animation

Elderflower Kingdom has been attacked by Blandness but thanks to Cure Clove, Blandness was driven away. A month later however, Blandness attacked the kingdom and Cure Clove could do nothing to stop them. So, down on Earth with Cinnamon and Powder, Cure Clove searches for four other Pretty Cure partners to protect the Sugary Flower from the evil group. In Hanabira City, she meets Hanai Kaori who seems to know everything about Pretty Cure...


Pretty Cure

Hanai Kaori (花井 かおり Hanai Kaori)/ Cure Jasmine (キュア ジャスミン Kyua Jasumin)

Chōji Rue (丁子 ルー Chōji Rū)/ Cure Clove (キュア クローブ Kyua Kurōbu)

Cure Ginger (キュア ジンジャー Kyua Jinjā)

Cure Lavender (キュア ラベンダー Kyua Rabendā)

Cure Rosemary (キュア ローズマリー Kyua Rōzumarī)


Cinnamon (シナモン Shinamon)

Powder (パウダー Paudā)


Elderflower Kingdom

Queen Mint (女王 ミント Joō Minto)


Sugary Flower (シュガリー フラワー Shugarī Furawā)


Hanabira City (花びら市 Hanabira-shi)

Elderflower Kingdom (エルダーフラワー キングダム Erudāfurawā Kingudamu)

Blandness HQ (さわやかHQ Sawayaka HQ)


  • Sugar & Spice Pretty Cure! is the second season after Heartcatch Pretty Cure! to have the themes of flowers.
  • Sugar & Spice Pretty Cure! is the fourth Pretty Cure series to have five Cures.
  • Sugar & Spice Pretty Cure! is one of the few Pretty Cure series to have more than one theme.

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